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    January 09, 2021

    How To Buy The Best Pure Tin Lead Free Solder Bar?

    What is Tin? Tin is a plastic soft metal of a silvery-white color, resistant to oxidation. Due to these properties it is widely used as a protective coating. Main component of babbits, solders, bronzes, printing alloys, etc. Tin is a silvery white metal, ductile, soft and heavy. The melting point of tin is 231.9 ° C, so the furnaces for melting ...

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    November 19, 2020

    How To Choose The Best Tin Copper Lead Free Solder Wire?

    What is lead-free solder? Lead-free solder - solder that does not contain in its composition of lead. Usually the term "lead-free solder" is used in the sense of excluding lead from production to solve environmental and health problems. Thus, lead-free soft solders containing cadmium, mercury, etc. are not lead-free. Tin Copper Lead Free Solder Wire ...

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