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    Lead Free Solder Bar Buying Guide China 2022


    Why is it profitable to buy from us? Solder for rare rations?

    Firstly, this article is about a lead free solder bar buying guide. If your soldering needs are small, and you solder several times a year, or you need to solder very urgently, but in a small amount (for example, urgently solder a wire that has broken in the power supply).

    Lead Free Solder Bar Buying Guide

    You can buy an inexpensive composition 0.4mm (30g) in a small coil /F 190°С 1mm. complete the task and spend quite a bit of money. 

    How to choose and buy solder?

    • depending on the type of metals to be soldered;
    • based on the requirements for soldering reliability (for example, whether it will be subjected to mechanical stress);
    • By the specific gravity of the chemical components (as we discussed above). In addition to tin and lead, small amounts of cadmium, antimony, and bismuth may be present in solders;
    • Moreover, by melting point;
    • by wire diameter;
    • Similarly, by packing (weight);
    • By the presence of flux inside the solder.

    The amount of soldering work is large enough? 

    Here, lead free solder bar buying guide the purchase of solder is even more profitable. What you can see on the site by analyzing the prices for solder or in order not to waste time, check out our calculations below, Favorable price when buying in large packaging.

    The price will increase by only 1.7 times. With an increase in the weight of the solder from 500 grams to 1 kg, or 2 times, the price will also increase by only 1.7 times.

    How can we get profit to buy solder?

    You can get all information about Lead free solder bar buying guide, as you can see; it is profitable to buy solder at a price if you take a larger quantity at once. What other consumables, in particular chemistry, are still needed besides solder in order to carry out successful soldering?

    To neutralize oxidized surfaces, as well as to prevent grease and oil film from spoiling the soldering results, it is imperative to buy a flux for soldering. The range of high-quality fluxes from the us will satisfy you, even if you have a small amount, because the prices for it are very affordable.

    You cannot get lost in the variety when ordering a flux, simply by calling the manager for a consultation.

    Offering to order soldering consumables for radio amateurs at flexible prices both in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine, and receiving positive feedback on the results of soldering, now we can say with confidence that

    What is the Scope of application?

    Lead free solder bar buying guide, tin for a soldering iron is one of the most popular types of connecting metal for fastening the contacts of wires, pipes, and radio components. It is presented both in the form of a rod, and in tubes, coils, reels, gel.

    You can often find options where this metal is the basis along with lead. Such soldering tin is an alloy of tin itself, lead and antimony, sometimes interspersed with tungsten. These metals make the solder less brittle and leave less oxide marks after exposure to heat.

    As you know, soldering - the process of connecting solid metal parts - is carried out using solder. 

    This is a material with a melting point lower than that of the parts to be joined. It should spread well over the part, dissolving the metal from which it is made.

    Lead Free Solder Bar Buying Guide 2022

    How can we determine the percentage of tin?

    Most often in radio electronics or in electrical work, alloy solder is used. The POS marking indicates that it consists of a mixture of tin and lead. Next are the numbers that determine the percentage of tin. The composition may also include antimony, bismuth and various other additives to improve performance.

    For example, POSSu 60 means that the composition contains antimony additives, and tin makes up 60% of the total mass. Solders can also be made from other elements, such as copper and phosphorus.

    Therefore, lead free solder bar buying guide it is important to choose the right type for your tasks.

    Helpful information

    The amount of tin and additives in the composition directly affects the melting point, and, consequently, the scope of the solder. As you know, aluminum is difficult to both weld and solder. However, it can be melted if the composition contains at least 50% tin. This is a lead free solder bar buying guide.

    Important selection options

    • The compositiondetermines what substances this or that solder is made of. It depends on its melting point. Before working, make sure that the composition and temperature are suitable for the material of the parts to be soldered.
    • The massof solder affects the amount of work that is planned to be performed. If you need to solder a lot and often, then it is advisable to buy the right brand weighing 1 kg.

    Varieties of lead free solder

    Tin for soldering at a price also depends on the weight of the goods - the more it is in rods or on a reel, the higher the cost. However, it is still more profitable to purchase a whole coil weighing a kilogram if you have to use a soldering iron often.

    For a thin solder tin, the price can start from $30 with a thickness of 1 millimeter. But for models with a thickness of 4 millimeters or more, a kilogram will drag more money. We know each and every thing about tin solder in lead free solder bar buying guide.

    The thing is that such a solder plan is more suitable for industrial use, for example, for soldering pipes with devices with a large sting.

    What should we do before buying tin solder?

    The price of capsule solder for soldering is always somewhat lower than in wire - it's all about the composition of the product and its scope. Such a product is called a ROSE alloy and contains about 50% bismuth, a strong but low-melting metal.

    Before you buy such tin solder firstly you read lead free solder bar buying guide. You should know that it is extremely unstable when the temperature rises.


    Without the need to repair something is not complete in any area. We are constantly faced with the process of repair also at home. One type of repair work is soldering.

    Lead free solder bar buying guide, soldering use when it is necessary to securely and hermetically connect various metal parts, connect plastic pipes, and repair various boards, chips, phone microcircuits and other devices. It does not matter whether you use the usual soldering iron or gas burners.

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