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    Alpha lead-free solder wire: 3 Pros & Cons of Soldering


    Today alpha lead-free solder wire does not take as much time and effort as traditional soldering machines. However, not everyone understands the concept, process, and principle of soldering. Let's learn about soldering techniques right now!

    Alpha lead-free solder wire

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    _What is soldering technology?
    _Soldering principles
    _Advantages and disadvantages of soldering technology

    Learn about types of Alpha lead-free solder wire

    • Classification of Alpha lead-free solder wire
      soldering in an environment without shielding gas
    • Arc soldering in a shielded gas atmosphere
      3. Plasma cutting soldering

    What is soldering technology?

    Soldering is the technological process of manufacturing non-removable structures from metals, alloys, and other materials. Moreover, by hot soldering, man can bond most metals and alloys with dimension. Any thickness can weld heterogeneous metals and alloys.

    Soldering principle in Alpha lead-free solder wire

    The principle of soldering is that when soldering molten metal, at the place of soldering reaches a liquid state. Local melting of the base metal is carried out at the edges of the graft. Soldering is easy to do by melting the base metal or melting the filler metal and materials.

    The base metal or the base metal and the molten filler metal pours itself into the weld bath and impregnates the solid surface of the coupling elements. When the heating source is turned off, the liquid metal cools and solidifies, and crystallizes. After the soldering bath crystallizes, it will form a monolithic weld with a two-piece link structure.

    Advantages and disadvantages of soldering technology

    The advantages and disadvantages of Alpha lead-free solder wire are elaborated below.

    Advantages of Alpha lead-free solder wire

    Soldering is a technological process widely common to fabricate and restore structures and details with outstanding advantages such as less metal consumption, reduced labor costs, and shorter production time.

    Disadvantages of Alpha lead-free solder wire

    -During soldering, oxidation of some elements occurs, the absorption and dissolution of gases by the metal bath as well as changes in the heat-affected heat region result in composition and structure.

    - The structure of the weld is different from that of the metal. Joint deformations cacommon by residual stress can distort the size and shape of the weld and affect the strength of the joint.

    Learn about different types of Alpha lead-free solder wire

    Some common concepts

    • Arc: Firstly, alpha lead-free solder wireis an electric discharge in the high-pressure gas, characterized by a large current density in the air conductivity and low voltage between the electrodes.
    • Plasma: Secondly, in the normal state, the gas is a good insulator. When there is a source that makes charged gases, that is the phenomenon of gas ionization. If the gas is heated to a high temperature, all ionization processes occur simultaneously in the gas. Such an ionized gas that conducts electricity is called plasma.
    • Thyristo: common to generate frequency-modulated current, convert alternating current into direct current.
    • Inverter: converts current by frequency, converts alternating current into direct current.

     Arc soldering in an environment without shielding gas

    Stick soldering or manual arc soldering is an arc soldering method in the absence of shielding gas. With this method. The molten electrode common in the form of a soldering rod is usually coated with medicine.  to protect alpha lead-free solder wire and weld without using additional shielding gas.

    Arc soldering in a protective gas environment

    To obtain a high-quality weld, the soldering arc and the molten metal area must be protected against the harmful effects of air. In arc soldering with shielding gas, the arc and the molten metal protects by an inert gas (Ar, He, Ar + He).

    Similarly, it does not react with the liquid metal when soldering or an active gas (CO 2, CO 2). + O 2, CO 2 + Ar...) have effects on liquid metals.

    Categories of Alpha lead-free solder wire arc soldering

    Arc soldering in a protective gas environment is divided into 3 main techniques, including:

    1-TIG soldering:

    Using a shielding gas that is an inert gas (Ar, He...) and a non-molten Wolfram electrode; Principal characteristics: melt the base metal at the soldering edges, when cooled, it will solidify - crystallize.

    2-MIG soldering:

    Using shielding gas is inert gas (Ar, He...) and molten electrode; use a wire feeder; Principal characteristics: add alpha lead-free solder wire feeder so that together with the molten base metal solidifies and crystallizes to create a weld.

    3-MAG soldering (CO 2 soldering):

    Using a shielding gas that is an active gas (CO 2 ...) and a molten electrode; Use a powder solder wire feeder.

     Soldering and Plasma cutting with alpha lead free solder

    The arc temperature in Plasma soldering is as high as 15,000 - 200,000 degrees Celsius. Unlike the arc in free soldering which has a wide cone shape on the part, the arc in Plasma soldering has a cylindrical shape, so it has the ability to penetrate. deep into the weld pool, so thick weld edges do not need large chamfers.

    Alpha lead-free solder wire 2021

    Furthermore, plasma arc alpha lead-free solder wire can connect different ferrous and non-ferrous metals such as aluminum and titanium alloys, low carbon steels and stainless steels, copper, brass, nickel. And their dissimilar materials.

    Plasma cutting technique has the following characteristics:

    Conventional cutting methods such as oxygen cutting, electric arc cutting... can only cut low carbon steel and low alloy steel, cannot cut cast iron, high alloy steel, copper aluminum, and their alloys, but plasma cutter can do this.

    The principle of Plasma cutting is based on taking advantage of the very high temperature and high speed of gas movement from the nozzle of the Plasma Tron head to melt and blow metal from the cutting groove.

    How to create Alpha lead-free solder wire square edge?

    When the appropriate mode apply, the cutting edge is flat, not rough. To create a square cutting edge (alpha lead-free solder wire) the worker needs to pin the cutting speed. Plasma cutting quality depends on amperage, gas common, cutting speed, and distance from the object to the Plasma Tron tip.

    Problems faced in Alpha lead-free solder wire; plasma cutting

    Due to the high speed of Plasma, it is difficult to accurately control the cutting distance. Furthermore, it is rarely common to cut Plasma. When cutting automatically, it is necessary to attach the Plasma Tron head to the vehicle with the vehicle's traveling speed equal to the plasma cutting speed.

    Generally, the disadvantage of plasma cutting is that the cut is large. Hopefully, with the above information, you have a better understanding of soldering technology, soldering techniques. Similarly, you can better serve your work as well as easily choose to buy a soldering machine.

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