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    Is Lead Free rc Solder Wire still popular soldering tool?


    Introduction of Lead Free rc Solder Wire

    Lead Free rc Solder Wire

    Thanks to the wide variety of rc Solder Wire on the market and each one containing the capacity to produce their shielding gases, the use of additional gases is unnecessary, which reduces the costs of the process. Coated electrode soldering is common in the fabrication and assembly of various equipment and structures.

    It can be common to weld a wide variety of materials, such as stainless steel, cast iron, aluminum, copper, nickel, among others. The TIG (Tungsten Inert Gas) or GTAW (Gas-Shielded Tungsten Arc Soldering) process produces a clean, high-quality weld. It does not generate residues, the chance of including it.

    No need for cleaning at the end of the procedure.

    In the weld metal is eliminated, and the weld does not need cleaning at the end of the procedure. Overall, this process has a great finish and less risk of corrosion. This process can be common for almost all metals and can be manual or automatic. Lead Free rc Solder Wire is widely common for soldering with aluminum.

    It is also common for high-quality gaskets in the nuclear, chemical, aeronautical, and food industries. The most suitable types of gases for TIG are argon, helium, or a mixture between these two gases.

    MIG/MAG Lead Free rc Solder Wire

    It is a very flexible process that allows for quality welds with high productivity, especially when compared to manual processes such as coated electrodes. This process is famous as MIG. Moreover, this stands for Metal Inert Gas when the shielding gas common to protect the weld pool is inert (inactive).

    or MAG, which stands for Metal Active Gas, when the shielding gas from the weld pool is active. In general, this process offers a good finish, is easy to operate, high productivity, and low cost. However, there may be the presence of splashes and a great chance of pore formation.

    Plasma Lead Free rc Solder Wire

    Today, rc Solder Wire is the fastest-growing process in the industry, industrial facilities, and workshops. Generally, it works as an excellent tool for cutting metals, due to the speed and precision of the cut. Currently, its application is replacing other processes such as:

    • Oxyfuel
    • for heavy plates
    • and laser, for thin plates or non-ferrous metals

    Tubular Wire Lead Free rc Solder Wire

    Tubular wire soldering is very similar to the MIG/MAG process, including the equipment common. However, the wire common in rc Solder Wire is tubular, its interior is filled with a flux, which guarantees special characteristics to this process.  The wire is coated and constant feeding takes place as in MIG.

    Other processes Lead Free rc Solder Wire

    In addition to these processes mentioned, others are not so common in the market, such as soldering by electrical resistance, abrasion, ultrasound, laser and magnetic probe. Many of these processes are less common because they offer low productivity and high costs.

    This results in very good weld quality, with a stable arc and low spatter. The use of this type of solder has grown significantly in recent years worldwide.  High deposition rates and the development of new consumables have made companies (oil, heavy construction, structural profile soldering, repair, and maintenance) switch to this process.

    How to tig weld, important aspects

    In this third part, we are going to address the operation of tig soldering, covering all those aspects to consider whenever we start any tig Lead rc Solder Wirework, regardless of whether we use it to weld stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, etc.

    How to weld with tig, is what will be explained in this third and last part of our tutorial on tig soldering, where we wanted to give the welder the minimum bases to understand this soldering system, so that if you wish, you can deepen your knowledge of this type of soldering through our tig soldering course.

    General features of Lead Free rc Solder Wire

    Important aspects to be considered by the welder such as soldering distance, angle, choice of tungsten electrode, etc. Well without further delay we turn on our "soldering machine" and finish this tutorial on tig soldering, which I hope you liked

    We will start by citing a series of recommendations for use of all those parameters that most influence the achievement of a quality final weld.  We will explain how to weld with tig, to achieve excellent quality weld beads.

    Lead Free rc Solder Wire 2021

    Important distances for tig soldering

    We always warn that the distance that separates the electrode from the part is very important in Lead Free rc Solder Wire. It influences the maintenance of the electric arc. We always recommend the following values ​​according to the attached figure:

    Distances between a tungsten electrode and part

    • 5mmmaximum tungsten electrode outlet outside tig nozzle.
    • 5 mmmaximum distance from the tip of the tungsten electrode to the part that we want to weld.

    Tig torch angle

    The next factor to control when tig soldering is the tig Lead Free rc Solder Wire torch tilt. Ideally, it would be at 90º with the clamp totally perpendicular to the piece.

    Gas flow Lead Free rc Solder Wire

    Anyway, we must emphasize the idea that a greater inclination is detrimental to the protection of the soldering.  There is a worse incidence of the shielding gas hood on the melting bath and how to weld with tig efficiently, is our goal, we cannot neglect this aspect.

    We leave some figures on how to tig weld correctly from the point of view of inclination. There is another factor that we cannot ignore is the gas flow. We recommend that for optimal soldering we must use a flow between 6 and 12 liters/minute.

    Filler material for tig soldering

    During the soldering process, we must take care to keep the hot part of the Lead Free rc Solder Wire with the filler material within the gas flow. It comes out of the protection flow, it will oxidize. Similarly, it will lose properties and considerably increasing the risk. weld contamination in the second part of the tutorial on how to tig soldering.

    The importance of sharpening the end of the tungsten electrode is to maintain the stability of the electric arc. During the machining process of the electrode tip to obtain its sharpening. We need to be careful to allow the grooves to remain perpendicular to the current.

    Conclusion Lead Free rc Solder Wire

    This would make the arc come out more centered. Failure to follow this recommendation runs the risk of the arc becoming erratic during Lead Free rc Solder Wire. For sharpening it is also important to use a fine emery stone.

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