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    How to use Lead Solder Bar during SMT process? Beginner Guide 2021


    What are the devices common in SMT?

    SMT technology and line is a popular and efficient electronic assembly process. In the IC gluing technology line, there are a number of outstanding devices with many different functions these are necessary to understand for better understanding of Lead Solder Bar.

    Lead Solder Bar

    Passive SMT device

    Passive SMTs are largely seen as SMT resistors or SMT capacitors with standardized sizes in various package sizes. Some of the more prominent resistors and capacitors include: 1812, 0805, 1206, 0603 and many other larger sizes.

    You can interpret the 1812 pack as a package that measures 18 x 12 /100 inches. The sizes of resistors and capacitors are increasingly reduced to become more compact and easier to apply.

    ​ Passive SMT equipment common in the SMT line

    Passive surfacing technology is less commonly common because of the smaller number of Lead Solder Bar, when applications require large power sources, passive SMT is easy to consider. The connection of the IC board via passive SMT is easy to do through the soldering areas in the first 2 parts.

    Transistors and Diodes in an SMT

    Transistors, transistors and diodes will usually be contained in a rather small plastic package. A diode will allow current to flow in one direction, and is shown in the way painted on top. A transistor is the basic building block of computer circuits and some other electronic devices. It is responsive and can be common for:

    • Generally, voltage regulation
    • amplification
    • Moreover, Switching
    • oscillator and signal modulation functions.

    Integrated circuit device in surface paste technology

    Many SMT technology packages use integrated circuits and Lead Solder Bar that, depending on the level of connectivity required, many require only 14 or 16 pins, in others with VLSI processors. For small chips can use SOIC package - small sketch integrated circuit. There are also smaller version packages such as DIL, TSOP, SSOP.

    There are other packages available such as BGA which are common  in many applications, they connect at the bottom of the package, such an operation is said to be efficient and utilizes a wider distance of connections.

    The meanings that SMT technology brings

    Using SMT technology line can help to mount components on 2 surfaces of the board, which makes the chip size, components smaller and saves more space, no need to create many holes during PCB fabrication.

    What are the benefits of using SMT?

    The assembly process is much easier and simpler than before. SMT performs automatic correction for errors such as surface tension dislocating Lead Solder Bar away from the solder pins on the board. SMT reduces the resistance of many layers of lead contact, helping to increase the durability of components and circuits.

    Reducing a lot of costs when using SMT will also reduce the price of components, thereby boosting revenue and increasing production efficiency.

    Limitations when using surfacing technology

    Some notes when using SMT technology are to research and implement SMT technology in a modernized and technological way. Manually deploying this technology is not recommended as it can lead to the risk of failure of large numbers of devices.

    The use of SMT surface bonding technology is decent and requires a large initial investment, Lead Solder Bar takes time to install a complete system and put it into operation.

    Jobs that are exposed to SMT Technology

    Jobs related to the production and assembly of components and technological equipment will have the opportunity to have a lot of exposure to the surface paste technology line. When working in these positions, you must have in-depth knowledge of SMT to be able to do your job well.

    SMT Technology engineer job

    In the engineering industry, the job of an SMT technology engineer is someone who needs good technical expertise and is familiar with the SMT line operation process. Understand the operation of SMT and other related issues.

    Some technical job positions in SMT Technology

    When doing this work, you need to check the related machinery and Lead Solder Bar ensure the safety of the SMT operation process. Learn and respond to incidents, make detailed reports on how to solve problems related to the SMT technology line.

    In addition, the SMT technology engineer is also the person who can suggest improvements in:

    • Production
    • Furthermore,  Application
    • tool design and other related work assigned by management.

    Occupation electrical engineer assembling technology SMT

    Electrical engineers can work in surfacing technology lines. Performing PLC programming tasks for equipment assembly, processing and production, running and operating the equipment system. Monitor and troubleshoot possible problems for SMT or other electrical equipment area.

    Electrical engineers will also be the ones to give directions on Lead Solder Bar more efficient production lines, set out measures to maintain and maintain equipment and machines, and solve arising grid problems. Understanding SMT is very important for electrical engineers, you can handle the job more easily. Understand the problems that arise related to surfacing technology and find effective solutions.
    Lead Solder Bar 2021

    How we can find these jobs?

    You can refer to a lot of job information related to SMT through a reputable job search site. You can search for information on the website to find jobs related to microchip devices, processing jobs, assembling electronic devices, hardware IT jobs - networking.


    Before starting a job it is good to keep in mind the Lead Solder Bar to treat carefully, its characteristics and the resistance it needs, in order to choose the most suitable tools and materials to perform the brazing in the best possible way.

    What are the things needed while working?

    If, for example, small iron components, galvanized pipes or sheets must be join that will not come to particular strengths or stresses. Then the most suitable and economical technique will be that of tin brazing. First of all, don't forget to wear goggles, a mask and protective gloves in order to avoid possible accidents. To perform it you need:

    • Professional flame welder
    • Tin alloy
    • Solder paste
    • Gloves
    • Mask
    • Protective goggles

    Why the iron parts must be clean?

    Make sure that the Lead Solder Bar to work is completely clean and free from possible residues. To this end, you can help yourself with brushes and abrasive paper to make the surfaces to join frees of impurities such as rust and grease.

    Then, place the two components in the desired position. Before proceeding with the brazing, apply the firm paste on the joint, in order to allow the adhesion of the tin alloy.

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