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    Lead free solder bar manufacturers: How to choose best solder bar?


    Welding and using the welding machine properly

    When it comes to welding, there is no one who does not know how to weld, is there a standard for welding? Knowing how to use and maintain a welding machine or not is another matter. In this article, I do not describe how to weld, or how to use a welding machine. I will give some attention when welding and using the welding machine properly and manufacturing of lead free solder bar manufacturers.

    Lead free solder bar manufacturers

    Soldering Lead

    Called tin solder, but actually in the flexible metal that we use to solder every day is not only tin, they are an alloy containing mainly Tin (Sn) and Lead (Pb). With some high-quality Tin solder, there are also Silver (Ag), Copper (Cu).

    The solder that we use also has many types:

    Leaded tin

    The ratio 63(Sn)/37(Pb) is optimal; the weld is glossy, easy to flow. This ratio when fusion welding gives Eutectic alloys with many special features. The ratio 60(Sn)/40(Pb) has a higher melting point, is more liquid but the weld is less shiny.

    Lead-free tin

    Mainly 96.5(Sn)/3(Ag)/0.5(Cu), this is better; of course the price will be higher.

    Tin for soldering: Lead free solder bar manufacturers

    Usually in tin core wire is flux (Flux Liquid) - depending on the type that has 1 core or many cores, tin cream also comes with flux so when soldering we do not need more flux. The flux contains a part of the acid that helps clean the weld, making the weld shiny. The flux can be turpentine or a cleaning solvent. For external use, there is solder grease, which helps to clean the solder joint.


    Lead free solder bar manufacturers produced grease which is common to reduce the surface tension of the solder, thereby helping the solder stick to the solder more smoothly. You can make your own solution for coating circuits as well as soldering aids with turpentine by smashing turpentine and then adding it to acetone or gasoline.

    What is the use of turpentine?

    Add the crushed turpentine and stir until the turpentine is completely dissolved. You should mix a little to use, when the next phase runs out, but if you mix a lot until the gasoline or acetone evaporates, it's not very good. The solution after making this you can scan on the position to be soldered or on the circuit board that we iron to help the printed circuit not be oxidized, beautiful and make solder easier.

    Experience of buying soldering iron

    When carrying a lighter, melt a small piece of solder wire, the molten tin falls into a round, smooth ball like an iron ball, when it cools down, it won't blacken your hand. If the grain is grainy, black when holding, it is too much lead. To buy a lead free solder straightly go to lead free solder bar manufacturers.

    Welding machine - Welding tip

    There are many types of welding machines on the market, but among students, the two most popular types are pulse welding machines (guns) and soldering machines (pen). Pulse welding machine is a type that is heated by alternating current with large current from the secondary coil of the welding machine. This type usually has a large capacity, quickly generating heat.

    The welding machine is heated by maypop; the time from opening the machine to welding is quite long.

    Welding Machine - Pulse Welding Machine

    These two types can adjust the welding temperature. When soldering sensitive components such as ICs and sensors, a soldering iron should be common to avoid electrical pulses from the pulse welding machine damaging components instead go to lead free solder bar manufacturers.

    Several types of soldering irons

    There are many types of soldering irons: knife, pointed, etc. common for many purposes. Usually the soldering iron has been pre-plated, such as Nickel, to increase the life of the solder. Accessories included, Tin suction wire - Solder grease - Tin sucker, Soldering machine, soldering iron, solder flux, and solder grease, tin can, tin wire.

    Attention when soldering

    Steps to make a beautiful and strong weld

    • Pay attention to avoid burns when soldering.
    • Fix the solder or the board to solders.
    • Adjust the appropriate temperature for the welding place.
    • When you see the smoke rising, the heat is enough, no need to heat the soldering iron any more, keep the temperature stable.
    • Add a little tin to the tip of the soldering iron suggested by lead free solder bar manufacturers.
    • Start by placing the solder tip on the component pins and pad on the circuit board.
    • Insert the solder into the component feet next to the soldering tip just enough for the tin to melt and spread evenly over the component pins and pad.
    • A good solder joint is a glossy solder joint, just enough tin, without excess lumps, without leaving the pad hole open and inert at the base of the component.

    Solder tip plating

    Clean the solder tip - Wrap the solder tip around 7mm with tin - Heat just enough for the tin to melt. After soldering the circuit according to the suggestion of lead free solder bar manufacturers, it is recommended to use alcohol or acetone to clean the circuit, at this time the circuit will be much more sparkling.
    Lead free solder bar manufacturers 2021

    Health issues

    This problem is very important; people working in electronics will often have to come into contact with components, chemicals, and smoke - vapor.

    Keep the following points in mind whiling doing this

    Welding in a well-ventilated place, it is necessary to have an exhaust fan - welding smoke out, avoid letting the welder breathe - smell directly with the welding smoke. Lead free solder bar manufacturers say solder smoke is actually turpentine - the flux is heated and evaporated. With poor quality tin, there is lead in the solder smoke.


    Pay attention to avoid contact with the soldering iron tip, causing burns. Need to use magnifying glass, magnifying glass when soldering, working with small circuit boards, small components and must have enough light to avoid eye defects. You may think that I am too careful; the conditions can be different. But your health is yours, if you can't keep it yourself, no one can keep it for you.

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