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    2022 Best Solder Wire Manufacturer in China


    Solder Wire Manufacturer
    What is Soldering wire?

    Solder wire manufacturer is a method of fusion arc welding in a shielded gas environment. The welding heat source supplies by an arc create between the molten electrode (welding wire) of the solder. The arc and the molten metal from the effect of oxygen and nitrogen in the surrounding environment by a gas or a mixture of gases.

    The commonly common shielding gas is an inert gas that does not react with liquid metal during welding or active gases. It has the effect of taking up space to push the air out of the welding area to limit its bad effects.

    When the welding electrode or solder wire manufacturer automatically fed into the arc zone through the wire feed mechanism. The arc displacement along the weld operates manually. It is semi-automatic arcing in the environment protective gas. If all basic movements are mechanized, it is called automatic arcing in the presence of a shielding gas

    Distinguishing Soldering wire from rod welding

    Mig and rod welding machines are both welding machines but use different welding methods, specifically:

    Stick welding machine is a machine that works on the principle of manual arc welding. The molten electric welding process uses electrodes in the form of shielded welding rods. It usually does not have a protective gas, and all welding operations are performed displayed manually.

    Stick welding machine uses to weld metal parts from iron, steel, stainless steel through the melting and adhesion of the welding material and the solder wire manufacturer.

    Soldering wire machine is a machine that applies metal arc welding in an environment with protective gas. The main electrode is the molten welding wire that automatically fed into the welding workpiece, the protective gas environment.

    This line of machines using Soldering wire method mostly use in industry because of its very good automatic and semi-automatic welding ability.

    What is solder wire manufacturer machine?

    Soldering wire machine is a welding machine that applies metal arc welding in a protective gas environment. The main electrode is a molten welding wire, which automatically supplies to the weld. The medium is argon or helium inert gas.

    Application of Soldering wire machine: mainly common to weld non-ferrous metals, high alloy steel Al, Ni, Cu...

    What is a MAG welder?

    MAG welding machine is a semi-automatic welding machine using a molten electrode in a protective active gas environment, mainly CO2. It is also known as a CO2 gas welding machine. Moreover, CO2 when welding will heat and produce CO gas insoluble in liquid metal (structural steel). Especially at high temperature, it expands and moves at high speed.

    Solder wire manufacturer has a protective effect on the area molten solder. In addition, when it is necessary to weld structures with large thickness, the welder can also use activated gas which is a mixture of argon and oxygen mixed gas.

    Application of MAG welding machine: mainly common to weld low and medium carbon structural steels.

    What is a TIG welder?

    TIG welding machine (Tungsten Inert Gas) is a welding machine that uses a non-molten tungsten electrode. This electrode only uses to maintain the arc, generate heat to melt the welding consumable and the external welding rod.

    The entire weld, arc, electrode and consumable coat with an inert gas, usually argon or helium. Therefore, the solder wire manufacturer must clamp with the gas bellows, connected to the inert gas cylinder. Moreover, due to the use of an inert gas environment, the metal does not oxidize. So, there is no need to use solder.

    Above is a better explanation of welding methods and welding machines in mechanics that you need to know. Do you have a good understanding of the concepts of soldering wire? What is Mag Welding and Tig Welding? Hope you will apply these methods in practice correctly.

    Moreover, welding is the process that permanently connects metallic parts or materials using a metallic alloy, and therefore use for various applications. Silver solder wire is a wire-shaped material, based on silver, easy to apply and free of toxic material.

    Solder Wire Manufacturer 2022

    Fundamental knowledge about solder wire manufacturer

    Silver solder wire is ideal for soldering silver parts that need to receive two more solder points, where one solder does not interfere with the other. It is a product with ideal mechanical resistance and quality finish.

    Among the uses of silver solder wire is the maintenance of boards and computers. It is a product that offers ideal results in the quality of soldering electronic components, in order to present uniformity and reduce rework.

    In addition, silver solder wire is widely common in electrical components, and thus has advantages such as strength and ideal visual appearance. It is a type of solder wire manufacturer applied to materials that need proper finishing, such as eyeglasses and jewelry.

    Moreover, with the use of silver solder wire, fundamental manual solderability achieve, with a low level of residue after soldering and presents the necessary results without strong odors. Thus, it can use in manual soldering with irons or soldering stations, in order to control the temperature.

    It is a product made according to quality standards

    Among the characteristics of the silver solder wire manufacturer that can inform by the supplier. The melting temperature, the density, the contents of flux contained and the composition.

    Flux-cored wires work normally on most welding machines, although some with synergies can greatly improve workability.

    Initially relatively large in diameter, it is drawn several times. These two welding wires require shielding gas in most cases. Please note that certain Flux-cored wire particularly heavily loaded with aluminum, can operate without shielding gas.


    Flux-cored wire has many advantages, including:

    • An increase in productivity: as the strip is less resistant than the coating, most of the current passes preferentially through the latter, creating a melting and therefore a faster deposit rate.
    • Solder wire manufacturer providesBetter quality in terms of the appearance of the welds, in particular thanks to the slag.
    • Welding possible in all positions, outdoors or on site.
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