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    5 Factors to consider when choosing Bulk SMT Reflow Oven


    Bulk SMT Reflow Oven
    Soldering wire is no longer a strange concept for many people, but many people still do not understand what Bulk SMT Reflow Oven is? Today, we will explore with you what is the cored reflow oven? Basic knowledge of cored reflow oven.

    Brief introduction about cored reflow oven

    The drug core soldering wire is composed of 3 basic parts:

    • Tube metal shell
    • Powder medicine
    • Alloy components.

    The substances in the solder powder are different substances that have the effect of increasing hardness and resisting wear during the welding process of the weld. In addition, the substances also work to help stabilize the arc during the welding process. .

    Welding with cored wire usually uses a stable current, the Bulk SMT Reflow Oven itself provides gas protection for the welding puddle. However, it sometimes uses with additional gas supplies depending on the requirements of the job.

    The flux cored wire gives a larger fill rate than other solder materials without further increase in temperature.

    Outstanding features of cored reflow oven

    Flux cored soldering wire has the following outstanding features:

    • Using flux cored wire for beautiful, smooth welds, less spatter than other materials.
    • The electricity when welding is stable, so it does not consume a lot of energy while welding.
    • Specialty cored soldering wire uses in additive welding.

    Factors to consider when choosing Bulk SMT Reflow Oven

    To choose the right type of reflow oven for the application, it is necessary to rely on many factors:

    Base material to be welded

    When combining a reflow oven with a base metal, the chemical composition and tensile strength of the wire must be compatible. To match the chemical properties and determine the strength of the structure to weld. For example, welding a base metal with a tensile strength of 60,000 psi will require a wire of the same or greater tensile strength to maintain the strength of the base metal.

    Furthermore, choose the correct genuine Bulk SMT Reflow Oven that is compatible with a material that is also heat resistant.

    Welding position

    The transverse weld metals are usually the strongest and have the least porosity. If your job requires soldering in a different location, be sure to use the right reflow oven for the job.

    Specifications of SMT Reflow Oven

    In addition, the environment to which the weld will expose is also important. If the weld will subject to vibration, water, pressure or extreme temperatures, the filler wire needs to be able to do the same.

    Connection requirements

    Next, select a Bulk SMT Reflow Oven that meets or exceeds the requirements of the joint design. For example, when welding on thin materials, suitable arc characteristics should obtain. When welding a thick object with a single “V” junction, the filler metal has a higher penetrating quality. It allows for better bonding at the base and sides.

    Shielding gas stable weld quality

    The weld will have a high penetration if carbon dioxide uses directly to protect the weld, but the downside is more spatter. As a result, more reflow oven can transfer into the weld if argon adds to the mix, resulting in stable weld quality and reduced spatter.

    Heat treatment after welding

    Before welding begins, certain materials must warm to a specific temperature. Bulk SMT Reflow Oven allows the item to cool slowly. It helps prevent shrinkage and cracking of the weld.

    Post-weld heat treatment also uses to minimize tension and gradually reduce the residual heat introduced during welding. It allows the weld and base material to recover to their original properties.
    Bulk SMT Reflow Oven 2022

    Welding equipment

    Many welders are aware that when working with thicker metals and specific steels. The metal should warm for best welding results, to prevent the weld from shrinking and possibly cracking.

    However, some materials need heat to help them cool more slowly. If these metals require for the project, ensure that the Bulk SMT Reflow Oven selected can withstand extended cooling times.

    In short, to have a quality weld, achieve aesthetics, weld quickly and save money, choosing the soldering wire to use is very important. Above are the factors to consider when choosing soldering wire. Hope it can help you to apply it well for your project.

    Currently on the market there are many different types of welding machines. It depends on the job that the welder is doing. This is a rather complicated mechanical device. It requires a worker to have an understanding of welding to be able to do it.

    This article about Bulk SMT Reflow Oven will go with you to find out and distinguish 2 types of welding, Mig welding and Mag welding. In order for new welders or those who need to care about the welding industry to have more knowledge to choose a product that is most suitable for the job you are doing.

    What is MIG welding, what is MAG welding?

    MIG welding, MAG welding we often hear people call that but have you ever tried to find out why they have such similar names. To learn the difference between MIG welding and MAG welding, let's briefly understand the concept to understand them briefly.

    MIG welding (Metal inert gas) is a welding method that uses a shielding gas. It is an "inert" gas when welding mixed alloy steel and non-ferrous metals in Bulk SMT Reflow Oven. The inert gas used is mainly Argon or Helium (newly mixed gas).

    MAG (Metal active gas) welding

    It is a welding method that uses a shielding gas that is an "activated" gas. when welding ordinary steel and low-alloy steel? The most commonly used activator gas is (CO2), or Argon with the addition of Oxygen (O2) and sometimes Hydrogen (H2). But mainly using CO2 because this is a gas that is easy to produce and has a low cost.

    Therefore, MAG welding machine is also known as CO2 welding machine. MAG welding is also known as semi-automatic welding. It uses a molten electrode inside a protective active gas environment of CO2.

    CO2 when welding heats and produces CO2. It is insoluble in the liquid weld metal (structural steel). Especially when at high temperature it expands and then moves at a relatively high speed, effective molten weld puddle protector.

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