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    How To Buy The Best Pure Tin Lead Free Solder Bar?


    What is Tin?

    Tin is a plastic soft metal of a silvery-white color, resistant to oxidation. Due to these properties it is widely used as a protective coating. Main component of babbits, solders, bronzes, printing alloys, etc.

    Tin is a silvery white metal, ductile, soft and heavy. The melting point of tin is 231.9 ° C, so the furnaces for melting tin are straightforward. The density of tin is 7.31 g / cm3. The main consumption is tin tinning and the production of tin bronzes.

    It is also used to produce: tin-lead solders, tin oxide, tin-bismuth alloy, tin anodes, tin in granules, organotin catalysts, tin powder, tin foil, tin wire.

    Do you need to buy lead-tin solders? 

    We invite you to familiarize yourself with the assortment!

    Tin-lead solders are presented in our catalog in a fairly wide variety, and the choice of a specific sample depends on:

    • Metals or alloys that are being prepared for connection;
    • Required temperature parameters;
    • Soldering method;
    • Required structural strength.

    Our Team is Always Ready to Provide Product Information

    In the relevant sections of the site, technical characteristics and indications for the use of specific types of products are provided, and our managers are always ready to provide comprehensive information on any issue that interests you.

    Lead-free solder is one of the main materials used in the soldering process.

    It is specially designed for use in bulk soldering methods such as wave or double wave, pull or dip soldering.

    Also solder in the form of a wire without flux is used for manual soldering with additional fluxing.

    Distinctive features and benefits:

    • High quality icicle-free soldering.
    • Quality meets the requirements of international standards.
    • Low level of impurities increases the life of the solder in the solder bath.
    • Long bath life.

    pure tin lead free solder bar-detail-1

    Features of lead free solder bar

    The transition to the use of lead-free solders is due to considerations of improving environmental friendliness and human safety. However, this leaves an imprint not only on the use of these formulations, but also on the technology. In each case, they differ, but there are a number of common nuances. Among them:

    • Most Pb-free formulations are compatible with traditional solders. There are exceptions, but they are few (check separately in the documentation).
    • Lead-free alloys generally have higher soldering temperatures. Therefore, they often need to use other equipment.
    • Due to the high soldering temperature, the components are more sensitive to moisture. Therefore, additional storage requirements are often imposed on finished products.
    • Pb-free solders have a higher surface tension coefficient. This means an increased likelihood of "swelling" of individual elements on the board.
    • Lead wettability is usually worse. This leads to the appearance of "shells" on the microcircuits.

    Get Pure Tin Lead Free Solder Bar at Best Price

    The production of modern technology cannot do without this material, and in this regard, the offer of high-quality material is becoming more and more relevant.

    An alloy of tin and lead is highly resistant to environmental influences. Even under conditions of constant contact with aggressive substances (alkali, salt, etc.), this alloy does not lose its physical and mechanical properties. With an equal ratio of two metals, the compound becomes more resistant to chemical attack and has a longer service life.

    Specialized in the Sale of lead free solder bars

    In particular, we are specialized in the sale of lead free solder bars. It is widely used in many areas of industry (automotive, construction, heavy industry, etc.). From our other assortment, it is worth highlighting such products as:

    • Solder;
    • Lead seal;
    • Tin anode;

    Tin and its alloy coatings

    Generally, tin easily forms alloys with many metals. Tin coatings have good adhesion to the substrate; provide good corrosion protection and a beautiful appearance. Tin and tin-lead coatings can be applied by immersing a specially prepared object in a molten bath.

    Interested in the opportunity to buy tin-lead solders? No problems!

    Our company delivers goods by its own service to any region.

    If the above features of our work are optimal for your needs, then we invite you to go to the catalog of non-ferrous metals. The variety of products provided and the convenient organization of the site will allow you to quickly find a product with the required characteristics.

    The tin-lead solder alloy used to create strong, ductile and stable joints is presented in the form of wires and rods. The variety in terms of features of the composition and size of products is guaranteed to satisfy your requests.

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