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    high temperature tin copper lead free solder wire-02

    High Temperature Tin Copper Lead Free Solder Wire

    Minimum Order Quantity: 10pcs

    Our advantages

    Qiantian Tin is a professional manufacturer for the development, production and sales of electronic welding primary materials, and an enterprise with taxpayer qualification.

    • Model: QT-9307
    • Alloy: Tin copper alloy
    • Function: Product welding
    • Storage: Keep in a cool place
    • Description
    • Additional Information

    High Temperature Tin Copper Lead Free Solder Wire Advantages

    Features: high operating temperature, high temperature lead-free solder wire does not contain flux ingredients.

    Our company specially develops a kind of solder wire without flux for some small soldering furnace which is not convenient to add solder bar in automatic soldering machine. In the operation process of automatic soldering machine, the small soldering furnace operation requires high temperature (450-550 ° C) operation for wire rod dip tin processing or high temperature tin lining immersion welding. This type of solder does not contain flux, and the wire diameter can be automatically welded according to the customer Tin machine requirements for production, convenient for customers as solder bar slowly added into the small solder furnace. Lead free solder wire has the following unique advantages:

    1. Good weldability and short wetting time;
    2. The resin distribution in the line is uniform and the continuity is good;
    3. No spatter during welding, less residue and transparent colorless;
    4. No odor, less smoke and no poisonous volatile gas;
    5. The winding is neat, beautiful and bright;
    6. Reduce brazing surface tension and increase fluidity.

    High Temperature Tin Copper Lead Free Solder Wire Features

    Pure tin, pure copper and pure silver are used as raw material

    According to the required alloy, it is made of pure tin, pure copper, pure silver, etc. combined with high-grade antioxidant essence. The quality of finished products is determined by the quality of incoming materials.

    No cleaning, less residue and transparent

    It adopts fine cutting hydrogenated rosin and active agent to ensure bright and full solder joint, transparent residue, high insulation resistance and low corrosion resistance.

    Good circulation, easy tin

    Low melting point, good activity, high insulation resistance, fast tin loading speed, reduce the high temperature impact on components during welding, reduce the time of soldering tin and save working hours.

    The wiring is beautiful and neat without knotting

    Beautiful, neat, no knotting, easy to use for soldering iron and automatic tin machine.

    The solder joint is bright, firm and full

    The solder joint is bright and full, with good oxidation resistance, good wettability and expansion tension, and the solder joint does not produce overseas Chinese pull point.

    Extensive Use

    It is suitable for welding led, household appliances, electronic components, computers and other products.

    extensive use-1

    extensive use-2

    Lead Free Solder Wire Production Scene

    production scene



    Lead Free Solder Wire

    Product Name Model Alloy Function
    High Temperature Tin Copper Lead Free Solder Wire QT-9307 Tin copper alloy Product welding

    Product Parameter

    Metal alloy Sn99.95, Sn99.3/Cu0.7, Sn99.5/Cu0.5, Sn99.7/Ag0.3, Sn99.5/Ag0.5, Sn96.5/Ag3.0/Cu0.5
    Composition tin copper alloy
    Melting point 227°C
    Features high operating temperature, no flux ingredient
    Storage keep in a cool place
    Scope of application used in electrical equipment, hardware, handicrafts, car water tank, cable joint, bulb welding, lead pipe welding, good wettability, high purity, strong liquidity, bright solder joint, can weld high density printed circuit board and IC, suitable for manual soldering iron.


    Dear customer, welcome to visit our website. We specialize in the production of welding wire electrodes, etc. You can tell us your needs or provide relevant pictures, and send them to us in the form of e-mail, we will contact you as soon as possible!

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    1 / F and 2 / F, building B, Honghua science and Technology Innovation Park, laowei Industrial Zone, Hualian community, Longhua street, Longhua District, Shenzhen china

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