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    PCB Solder Paste – Fundamentals of Soldering Paste Technology


    Everything You Need to Know About PCB Solder Paste

    The use of PCB solder paste is crucial in the assembly and production of SMT PCB. The assembling processes of printed circuit boards require solder paste in large quantities. When combined with infrared reflow machines, the PCB soldering paste can provide a lot of significant advantages to the manufacturers. Not only this, but its form makes the manufacturing process extremely simple and easy as well. For this reason, the printed circuit boards cannot be manufactured without the solder paste. Want to know more about the soldering paste technology? Keep reading then!

    What is PCB Solder Paste?

    Also known as solder cream, the PCB solder paste is a mixture of solder spheres. These solder spheres are extremely minute tinning solders and adhere to a customized form of solder flux. The main job of the solder paste is to connect SMD components with SMT PCBs. Thus, it is undoubtedly the most important manufacturing material of PCB boards.

    Additionally, the solder paste allows the soldering through hole-pin as well. What it does is paste the components by printing the PCB solder paste in the holes. As a result, powder metal solder is suspended in the form of a fluid medium. This fluid is extremely thick and is known as flux.

    Classification of PCB Solder Paste based on Flux Used

    The PCB solder paste can be classified based on solder particle size and the flux used. But here, we are going to discuss the classification of solder paste based on flux used only. Let’s check it out below.

    1.      Rosin Based Solder Pastes

    Rosin-based solder pastes are the most common PCB solder paste that the manufacturers use. These solders are made from rosin which is an extract from pine trees. The reason behind their popularity is that they are extremely easy to clean once the soldering process is complete. You can easily clean them using any solvent that has chlorofluorocarbons in it.

    PCB solder paste

    2.      Water Soluble Flux Solder Pastes

    Water-soluble flux solder pastes are another common type of solder paste used by manufacturers. This solder paste contains fluxes. The fluxes used in the solder paste contain organic materials and glycol bases. For this reason, you can clean this solder paste by using any DI water.

    3.      No-Clean-Solder Paste

    This type of solder paste contains different solid residues and resins. Furthermore, No-Clean-Solder paste not only saves cleaning costs but also cuts down on your capital expenditures. But, these solder pastes require an extremely clean assembly environment otherwise they may not work as effectively as you want them to.

    PCB solder paste

    Advantages of PCB Solder Paste

    There are several benefits of using soldering paste in the manufacturing of print circuit boards. Let’s take a look at a few of these advantages below.

    1.      Stays in One Place

    One of the great things about a solder paste is that it stays in one place. This is what gives it an edge over a solder wire and a solder strip. Solder wire or solder strip can very easily blow out of their place when you heat them with the metal. But, you will not have to worry about the solder paste blowing out of its place during the heating process. It will stay in its place for hours. For this reason, its use is gaining popularity in the manufacturing of print circuit boards.

    2.      Incredibly Effective Soldering Joints

    Even though the solder paste is primarily used for surface mount components of a print circuit board, it can be used for thru-hole parts as well. When you use the solder paste for thru-hole parts, you will get the most incredible soldering joints that are not possible with any other form of soldering. This is why it is used for both surfaces mount components and soldering joints in a PCB.

    3.      Extremely Fast

    Another huge advantage of a solder paste is that it is highly accurate and fast. This is what makes it easier to work with. The PCB solder paste uses incredibly effective stencils. The use of these effective stencils will not only save your time but you will get excellent results as well. This is what makes it the most preferred form of soldering.

    4.      Highly Accurate Soldering

    The PCB solder paste provides you with extremely accurate soldering that is not possible with any other form of soldering. The syringe in which the soldering paste is held helps the manufacturers a great deal in reaching the spaces that are quite small. This is what provides you with the most accurate soldering. Not only this, but you can also solder the metal elements intricately with the help of the solder paste.

    Applications and Uses of PCB Solder Paste

    A PCB solder paste has many applications and uses. Let’s check out some of them below.

    1.      Reflow Soldering Process

    The PCB solder paste plays an extremely important role in the reflow soldering process of PCB. It is used to create a connection between leads and surface mount components. Not only this, but the paste is used in soldering PCB assemblies as well.

    2.      PCB Lead Components

    PCB solder paste can also be used to manufacture SMT or Surface Mount Assemblies. These SMTs are manufactured with the help of leaded components. The leaded component is extremely suitable for simplified designs and improved component density. Not only this, but the leaded components are extremely reliable as well.

    PCB solder paste

    3.      Stencil Printing

    PCB solder paste is used in stencil printing as well. In this process, the paste is applied on stainless steel or a polyester mask. You can do it in many different ways such as jet printing or pin transferring. This is what provides the regular pattern to the PCB.

     Final Words

    The PCB soldering paste is undoubtedly the most important material for the manufacturing of printed circuit boards. Now that you know about this technology in detail, we hope that you will make a well-informed decision while choosing the right type of soldering material for the construction of your printed circuit boards.

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