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    Is lead poisoning from solder fumes toxic?


    Does lead solder have any effect?

    However, lead-free tin according to current ROSH standards is not lead-free. Lead poisoning from solder fumes can also cause respiratory disorders.

    lead poisoning from solder fumes

    With a small concentration, leaded tin solder smoke does not have a great impact on health. In the long run, if not protected, tin solder is a huge health hazard. It can damage especially the respiratory system, even the respiratory system.

    Lead, once entered into the body, is difficult to excrete. It will accumulate over time. Moreover, it depends on the level; it may even lead to immediate lead poisoning.

    • Allergies, dermatitis
    • Headache, dizziness, nausea, temporary lead poisoning.
    • The organs most affected are bones and nerves.

    Many people also wonder if lead poisoning from solder fumes!

    The answer for everyone to worry less is NO! Lead soldering only directly affects the patient's respiratory and neurological health. Lead poisoning from solder fumes does not affect fertility later on.

    According to many studies by scientists, workers working in mechanical occupations, typically welding and turning will greatly affect. In some cases, workers get warning to dangerous levels for:

    • respiratory diseases
    • neurological
    • reproductive and digestive problems

    They often work directly, come into close contact with workers. Toxic substances from the welding fumes of CO2 welding machines have the potential to cause damage over time. In the process of working with this type of equipment, the emitted welding fumes are the cause of many unpredictable consequences.

    Effect of lead poisoning from solder fumes

    1. Structure

    Conventional CO2 welding machines produce a large amount of dust and welding fumes that workers force to be in direct contact with for a long time. This solder smoke comes up of tiny molecules.

    They form mainly from the evaporation of the metal and solder when it is melted at high temperature. When cooled, this vapor condenses and reacts with oxygen in the atmosphere. Furthermore, it forms fine particles (scientifically called fine particles). About 90% of the smoke generated from the substance will burn.

    These molecules range in size from 0.01 to 1 micron, the smaller they are, and the more dangerous they are. Some other gases, not only welding fumes will generate during welding are also dangerous.

    Formation of lead poisoning fumes

    1. Effects of breathing welding fumes

    During the welding process, turning or using a CO2 welding machine, chromium is a chemical formed mainly of stainless steel, colorless, (chromium plated metal and a component of some welding materials).

    Cr(VI) gas is extremely toxic and can damage eyes, skin, nose, throat, lungs and other respiratory related organs. This is also the core cause of cancer that the Ministry of Health recommends.

    Excessive and frequent exposure to lead poisoning from solder fumes causes very serious damage to the:

    • respiratory tract
    • chronic respiratory failure
    • other diseases that are difficult to treat

    Such as

    • lung cancer
    • Moreover, larynx
    • Similarly, ulcers of the stomach
    • kidneys and nervous system
    • Central
    • Furthermore, acute symptoms such as irritation of the eyes
    • nose and throat, dizziness, nausea

    When workers encounter the above symptoms, they need to leave the factory immediately. They can go to a well-ventilated place and seek medical care for appropriate and timely treatment and treatment.

    Direct impact on the body

    1. What should be done to limit exposure?

    Do not weld at positions, locations near bleach, grease, paint or toxic chemicals, with high explosive potential. High temperatures and electric arcs can vaporize chemicals that are irritating and toxic to workers.

    lead poisoning from solder fumes 2022

    Need to clean; the metal is plated on the surface such as zinc, lead, cadmium... Use fillers and welding electrodes for the purpose of limiting the production of less harmful gases. Equip tools, protective clothing, wear gloves, use welding glasses, use masks, and sell suitable masks during the use of welding machines, especially CO2 welding machines.

    As a professional worker, you need to be fully equipped with appropriate knowledge of lead poisoning from solder fumes. The figure is welding smoke. As a result, you can reduce the effects of this factor on your body.

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    Here are a few things to know about solder to help you choose a good solder. If you are a professional, or simply regularly repair electronic components in your home, soldering iron must be very familiar to you.

    For those who are new to the profession, we will first introduce about solder and what you need to know when using solder in electric soldering. Solder is an alloy with a relatively low melting point, from 90 – 450 °C (200 – 840 °F), used to bond the surfaces of different metals.

    Composition and classification of lead solder fumes

    The purpose of solder is to connect two metal parts together. The most important thing is the quality of the solder joint. Solder lead (tin solder) is an alloy of lead and tin, usually we will encounter the following types of solder lead alloy:

    Full lead solder: 100% lead-containing composition, with a melting temperature of 340 – 370 °C

     Lead solder with alloy: including 96.5% tin, 3% silver and 0.5% copper with a melting point of 217°C

    Is lead poisoning from solder fumes toxic?

    As we all know, even a small amount of lead contaminated with the body can have dangerous effects on the human body. So is lead poisoning from solder fumes toxic?

    It interferes with the development of the nervous system and is therefore especially toxic to children, causing long-term sequelae and behavioral disturbances. Some symptoms such as abdominal pain, headache, anemia, irritability and in severe cases can cause convulsions, coma and even death.


    Lead enters the human body by many ways such as water, air or food. Therefore, long-term exposure to solder containing lead components is also hazardous to health.

    And from that also appeared the concept of lead-free solder, these solder (soldering alloys) do not contain lead in its compounds.

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