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    What is black patina for lead and solder? Beginner’s Guide


    black patina for lead and solder
    For professionals black patina for lead and solder wire is nothing new. It is a familiar material when we need to repair electronic components in production and in the home. Therefore, in this article we will provide some more information about Solder wire that many of you do not know.

    What is solder wire?

    Tin solder wire is an alloy of tin with a relatively low melting point of 90 - 450oC. Moreover, it is common in many different metal surfaces.

    Solder wire is often common together with a soldering iron to create a solder joint and retain the properties of the solder metal. This is conductive, solder, and has the ability to melt at low temperatures.

    What is the composition of black patina for lead and solder?

    Tin solder wire when common with a soldering iron has the effect of soldering to link metal components together. However, at present, there are many types of solder with different tin and lead content ratios as follows:

    Common solder wire: The type of solder wire commonly common today is the type with the rate of 63% tin and 37% lead. This 63Sn/37%Pb ratio is called a Eutectic alloy with a melting point of about 183oC.

    Lead-free solder wire: also known as 100% tin solder wire with a melting point of 340 - 370oC.

    Other alloy solder wire: In addition to the above two types, there are many other types of solder wire

    Cheap solder wire

    Depending on the purpose of use and the type of welding machine being common, we can choose the right black patina for lead and solder.

    After soldering, lead always takes up most of the solder joints. You can wipe them off easily.

    Is solder wire safe?

    In fact, lead is an element that is quite toxic to human daily life. Therefore, for the current lead-based tin solder wire, it will also be harmful to the health of users.

    black patina for lead and solder 2022

    Lead affects many organs and tissues around the heart, bones, and intestines, is toxic to the reproductive and nervous systems. This causes many symptoms that affect learning and behavior in the long run. Symptoms include headache, anemia, and discomfort in the body.

    Moreover, severe symptoms will cause a coma. This can be fatal, extremely dangerous. That is why we must not use lead solder in water pipes, mainly common in the electrical industry. Welders need to take protective measures to avoid harm to the body.

    What is the concept of a lead soldering iron?

    The lead soldering iron is one of the heating devices that melt the solder to make connections on printed circuit boards in the form of PCBs or to connect metal parts with solder.

     Currently on the market there will be 3 main types of soldering irons as follows:

    1. Heat welding torch: For this line of torch, a spring wire is common to heat the torch
    2. Pulsed soldering iron: Apply a short circuit in between the two parts of the soldering iron and lead to create a beautiful solder joint.
    3. Gas welding torch: For this line, a mixture of acetylene gas (light earth) will be common to heat the contact between 2 pieces of metal, until it melts and dissolves into each other.

    What is the concept of black patina for lead and solder?

    Compared to the popularity in all three types of soldering irons mentioned above, the black patina for lead and solder is the most popular and common by many people. This torch equipment is relatively cheap, easy to purchase anywhere, and is especially easy to use.

    Accessories that come with a soldering iron

    When using a lead soldering iron, there will also be accompanying accessories shared as follows:

    1. For soldering iron

    In order to make the most secure weld, the welding torch will be one of the indispensable devices. They need to be prepared when performing. However, with the market having so many welding torch product lines today, you also need to know how to choose quality and suitable products to use.

    When buying black patina for lead and solder you should pay attention to the capacity (W). The larger the capacity, the higher the temperature generated.

    And the most commonly applied power today is about 40W. Because of:

    + With a capacity of 40W, it will ensure to provide a moderate amount of heat and not easily damage components when performing.

    + Helps to reduce surface oxidation to the maximum extent.

    + If common higher than 40W, it will be easy to burn turpentine and lose its aesthetic

    1. Resin

    Turpentine is one of the materials that are almost indispensable when starting to solder. In the turpentine will secrete a coating on the surface. It is to help resist oxidation to increase the life of the soldering iron and increase adhesion.

    3. Tin and black patina for lead and solder

    When performing lead soldering, the black patina for lead and solder is indispensable. If exposed to a lot, it is often toxic because of the smoke emitted from lead. To limit this problem, manufacturers have added tin. When we apply, it also helps to reduce the melting temperature somewhat when common.

    Solder tin and solder lead

    1. Solder tip part

    The tip of the soldering iron is as one of the consumables that you should pay attention to. During use, the solder tip will oxidize and will lead to rust and lead to no longer need to be replaced.

    This is also one of the devices with consumables over time, so when buying a product to use, you need to find and choose to buy yourself quality materials. Avoid buying black patina for lead and solder with cheaper prices than the market to ensure smooth deployment.

    1. Component welding machine

    Component welding machine is famous as "soldering station". This is one of the specialized equipment common in the welding process. Users often apply to adjust the temperature parameters to be accurate for each specific type of application.

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