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    Beginner Guide to use SMT Solder Wire: Solder Wire Cost 2021


    Why do you need to tin the wires correctly?

    SMT Solder Wire

    We have already told you how to SMT Solder Wire at home, where we stopped a bit at such a soldering stage as tinning bare copper conductor. Now we will tell you in more detail why you need to tin the wires and how to do it correctly without experience in working with a soldering iron.

    The instructions will be provided as follows - first, let's talk about what tinning is for, and then we'll talk about all the nuances of this process.

    When SMT Solder Wire repairing method is used?

    When repairing wiring, extension cords, various boards, and microcircuits, the soldering method is used. It provides a high-quality electrically conductive connection while obtaining a low transfer resistance.

    50% of quality soldering depends on the correct choice of soldering iron, flux and solder. The remaining 50% of the correctness of all manipulations. We will explain what you need to take for soldering and show you how to solder wires with an example.

    What are the essences of SMT Solder Wire?

    Actually, what is SMT Solder Wire? This is the connection of conductors (such as wires or wires and tracks on a board) using fusible solder. It sounds simple, in fact, it is fundamentally important to ensure two points:

    • a reliable connection so that good contact is constant,
    • a sufficient connection area so that the soldering point does not overheat (relevant for power circuits).
    Why doesn't rain short-circuit the wires of high-voltage lines?

    However, it should be noted that the solder itself has a high resistivity. Therefore, it is necessary that the thickness of the layer to be coated be small, and the coverage area, on the contrary, is larger.

    Also note that the thicker the conductor (e.g., wire), the more area to cover.

    What tool is needed for SMT Solder Wire?

    Soldering iron


    All SMT Solder Wire irons can be roughly divided into classic network models and soldering stations. Classic models have a long handle with a soldering iron tip at the end. They are quite powerful and are suitable for connecting massive parts and wires.

    They perform high-quality heating of parts and solder. But their thick sting is not very suitable for working with electronics.

    How low-power small models allow you to SMT Solder Wire?

    There are low-power small models with a thin tip that allow you to solder small parts such as SMD components. They are not suitable for wires, but for electronics it is. For example, an 8W Rexant 12-0180 can generally connect to a Power Bank and work freely with parts and boards.

    SMT Solder Wire stations are a device with the ability to adjust the operating temperature. Thanks to this, you can configure the device as accurately as possible for soldering a specific part.

    SMT Solder Wire 2021

    For example, a low temperature is needed to solder the boards, otherwise there is a risk of burning the track. Most soldering stations have a ceramic tip.

    Why different tips are used for different types of work?

    Also note that different tips are used for different types of work. They can be in the form of a cone, flat blade, awl-shaped or with a cut. Usually, the tips are made of copper and plated with chrome or nickel.

    In order for the SMT Solder Wire to stick well to the tip, it is necessary to regularly clean it from oxides and various dust, and also tin it from time to time. Most modern soldering irons are made with the ability to replace tips.

    Flux: SMT Solder Wire

    One of the main consumables is flux. It is necessary to remove the oxide film and protect the metal from corrosion. Typically, these fluxes are made on the basis of perchloric or hydrochloric acid.

    They are excellent for soldering various metals, however, immediately after completing the work, it is necessary to wash off the flux residues, as acids can cause corrosion. Acid based fluxes are usually liquid. Their cost varies, depending on the volume and manufacturer.

    There are also dry fluxes like rosin that we will be using. Rosin is less effective for brazing steel, but excellent for copper and copper-based alloys. In order to cover the part with rosin, you must first melt it with a soldering iron. If you are new to SMT Solder Wire, we recommend that you immediately learn from rosin.

    Solder: SMT Solder Wire

    Used to connect wires and parts, the so-called POS - tin-lead solder. Tin itself has good electrical conductivity and gives a strong bond. Then why is lead needed? Lead improves the solidification of the solder, preventing the tin from spreading over the surface and puffing up with needles.

    We recommend taking soft solder in the form of a wire 1 mm thick - it melts faster and is easily applied to the surface of parts. Usually, it is sold in the form of small coils; however, the characteristics indicate not the length of the entire wire, but its weight.

    Average Cost of SMT Solder Wire

    On average, 1 gram of solder costs $0.69. But the larger the bay, the cheaper you can buy a consumable. If you are just starting to solder, then take a 25 g coil - it will be enough for a long time.

    There are also lead-free solders available. However, they have replaced lead with zinc or indium. Their advantage is that they are non-toxic and offer better corrosion resistance. But they have a higher melting point, so they are not suitable for small radio technical parts.

    How do I solder two wires correctly?

    Most often, wires have to be SMT Soldered Wire in everyday life - this is the most reliable way of connecting. But not everyone is able to carry out a seemingly simple operation competently.

    For example, some people manage to solder the wires crosswise. We will tell you how to do it correctly. To solder copper wires, we use lead-tin solder, common rosin and a wide-tip soldering iron.

    SMT Solder Wire is done as follows:

    For soldering wire, we need to tin the wires.

    • To do this, put the end of the stripped wire in rosin and heat it with a soldering iron - thereby "bathing" the wire in rosin.
    • Then we collect a little solder with a soldering iron and drive it along the wire.
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