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    A Comparison Between QtSolder and Kester Lead-Free Solder Wires


    Whether it is Kester or QtSolder lead free solder wires, the functions of both are same

    Kester lead free solder wire and QtSolder lead free solder wire are the shared names. The functions of both solder wires are hereby the same. Both brands are offering a wide range of solder wires and bars. They equip their platform with a variety of leaded and lead-free solder ire range. However, depending upon the nature of the application, there may require other soldiers as well. The choice of a specific type of soler wire impacts the soldering process to a greater extent. It is the reason that Kester and QtSolder are the two reliable brands. In the case of alternative, if it goes wrong, the process of soldering may prove to be a challenging task. It eventually demands the user to know about the theoretical knowledge of a variety of soldering wires and types. Amongst the types are leaded and lead-free solder wires.

    What is the Solder Wire?

    Is it a QtSolder or kester lead free solder wire that you are using? These are not the essential questions. The most imperative thing thereby is first to understand what a solder wire is? A solder wire is an alloy of a metal that contains lead and tin. In soldering wire, we melt these alloys by the use of hot iron. There also are alloys that contain zero lead. The heating of the iron sometimes reaches up to 600-degree Fahrenheit. After melting the alloy, there finally comes a moment when the melt material cools down. It is the moment when it creates an electric bond.

    The traditional soldering wires, nonetheless, are common as well as cheap, carry lead and tin. The mixture of lead and tin in soldering wire is standard in the electronic industry. However, there are many types of soldering wires. Each soldering wire serves a specific purpose. The soldering is not just limited to that of electric and electronic. Nevertheless, in plumbing, the soldering is also there.

    Kester 48 Flux-Cored Lead-Free Soldering Wire

    The very first product that comes to our list is the kester lead free solder wire. It is 48 flux-cored wires that contain a considerable amount of activated rosin. The initial purpose of developing this soldering wire is to use it for all the lead-free soldering applications. Moreover, it helps in soldering the most common methods with less fatalistic impacts on humans and our collective ecology. The performance characteristics, however, of 48 flux-cored as far from existing standards. It bases itself on the moto of instant action. This moto comes from its previous model, Kester 44. It thereby helps the soldering wire to provide quick and reliable joints.

    kester lead free solder wire

    Some characteristics help to determine the proper features of the Kester 48 flux-cored soldering wire. It includes:

    • The wetting performance of the Kester 48 stays unparalleled to that of other soldering wires or rods.
    • In addition to the above feature, it also helps exclude the needs of regular expense that we spend on cleaning.
    • It gives off less smoke and no odor.
    • The surface finish of this product stands excellent. It also provides brilliant solderability along with fast wetting performance.

    The lead-free version of 48 flux-cored kester lead free solder wire shows a reasonable resistance to Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS). The resistance consequently exempts other lead-containing products in users' applications.

    Kester AW Lead-Free Solder Wires 

    The next famous technology in soldering wires is AW kester lead free solder wire. The AW is a unique technology that contains a highly active acid flux. The AW technology, initially, first developed for industrial applications for significant purposes. It was because of the ample need for flux-cored soldering wires that are in demand. It thereby allows the user to go through a rapid soldering process on many metals. However, the rapid soldering process doesn't work on metals like aluminum and manganese.

    For those metal that is highly oxidized, the AW soldering wires is the best application. The technology also possesses more excellent stability against high thermal conditions. It becomes a more familiar experience when there involves a continuous high temperature with flame or torch soldering. Therefore, this soldering wire is not very useful for electrical equipment and electronic appliances as it leaves an excessive amount of corrosive residue.

    kester lead free solder wire

    It carries several features and characteristic that contains:

    • The post-soldering residual of the Kester AW soldering wires remains highly reliable.
    • The AW feature is very much feasible for lead-free soldering wires.
    • The possibility of left-out residual in AW Kester soldering wire is minimal.

    In meeting the standards and global requirements of Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS), the Kester AW lead-free solder wire stays an active case.

    QtSolder High-Temperature Lead-Free Tin Copper Solder Wire

    An alternative to kester lead free solder wire is QtSolder lead-free solder wire. Their first product that we are going to discuss now is Tin Copper lead-free solder wire. Qiantian Tin is a Chinese electronic company that produces the best quality solder wires. The company, however, takes a leading role in making, selling, and developing the primary electronic welding products.

    The QT-9307 features the resistive characteristic against high temperature. Beholding this characteristic, we can, eventually, label the product free from flux ingredients. The QT-9307 comes out as flux-free soldering wires that are ideal for small soldering machines. This product, however, is not suitable for automatic soldering machines. It means that the small furnace soldering machines require to operate at a temperature of around 450-550 degrees Celsius. It is the case when there involves a high-temperature immersion of the tin lining welding process.

    The absence of flux in the soldering wire ultimately helps the machines weld any wire's diameter according to the requirement. Following are the advantages of this lead-free solder wire:

    • The QY-9307 lead-free soldering wire requires fewer wetting times with good weldability.
    • The continuity of melting of wire is excellent.
    • The distribution of the resin line is in uniformity.
    • Less Smoke, No odor, No spatter, less poisonous, and colorless.
    • Clear, white, and bright winding.

    QtSolder Lead-Free Tin Copper Alloy Solder Wire

    The following product that QtSolder lead-free solder wire is Tin Copper alloy solder wire. Its primary function is the welding of the multiple electronic parts and equipment with the circuit boards. It is recommended for better function and reliability to store the solder wire in cold and dry places. The product stays sustainable in a competitive manner in comparison to that of kester lead free solder wire. It is because the product stands in compliance with green environmental protection principles. This concept thus allows the eco-friendly packaging of electronic components.

    It thereby becomes a crucial step for the Qiantian Tin manufacturing company to focus on a more sustainable production method like this one. In this way, it is spending many resources and energy in producing such lead-free soldering wires that allow less residual and no cleaning. Furthermore, the lead-free soldering wire carries a superior quality of welding products. The firm uses refined tin, copper, and alloys with high oxidation resistance to produce these solder wires. It also carries an activator along with the high-quality hydrogenated resin. By using this solder lead-free solder wire, there are the following advantages:

    • The soldering wire allows less brazing surface and more fluidity.
    • The winding of the soldering wire appears neat and clean.
    • It also reduces the emission of poisonous and volatile gases.
    • This lead-free soldering wire also guarantees smooth continuity.
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