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    6 Practical Non-lead solder Tips on Micro Components Soldering


    How to choose the right pond for soldering?

    The accuracy of any soldering directly depends on non-lead soldiers. Pay attention to what we will have to do. The results will be optimal and we will avoid wasting large amounts of tin. Recall that welding involves joining two solid materials employing fusion. The results will be long-lasting.

    It is a process used in many fields of engineering, from mechanical to chemical. And can be performed both on small components (e.g. electronics). We can apply it on very large structures (such as metal structures supporting the bridge).

    Breakdown of electronic devices and non-lead solder

    These days, when electronic devices in our home break down, we often take them to the store for quick repair and resolution. However, there are cases where you can fix it yourself without necessarily taking it to a repair shop. One of those repair devices is a lead soldering iron.

    At such times, the best non-lead solder irons will be a great assistant. It helps you reinstall the circuit board correctly and efficiently. However, if you are not a skilled technician, then there are bound to be questions about which soldering iron meets your needs.

    A decision about the two tins of non-lead solders

    First of all, we find the pond easily available at any hardware store, do-it-yourself or DIY. Two types of tin are commonly sold: one that includes pure tin wire, and the second that also has flux in the center.

    Flux is a chemical product that allows surface preparation for welding processes. If we can decide, we always try to choose the second one. Even the first one, with pure tin wire, might require the use of flux to get its own later.

    Choosing the right pond in non-lead solder

    Pay attention, as I said before, depending on the work you have to do, you will choose the right pond. Non-lead solder work done on electrical components requires a different tin not found in vintage hardware stores or do-it-yourself stores,

    We can get non-lead solder tin directly in electronic parts stores. In reality, it will be a different kind of tin, resulting in being more expensive since the alloy has 40% lead and 60% tin while in the soul there is a deoxidizer.

    Non-lead solder

    Determining the diameter of the tin wire

    When starting a welding operation, check that the welder's temperature is the specified and recommended temperature for the flux type. It avoids any kind of "misunderstanding" that could compromise its operation. In this regard, there are 5 types of flux.

    The diameter of the non-lead solder wire shall be between 0.4 mm and 1 mm. If we are just getting started, it is best to ask hardware or electrical store representatives for advice. To be sure to do the specified work in the best possible way depends on the results and time.

    Things that should not be done

    We must be careful not to damage the reinforcement on the non-lead solder surface and we must avoid scratching the tip of the soldering iron as much as possible. This tin shall be machined keeping the welder's tip at a temperature not exceeding 380°,

    We take into account the thickness of the parts. In practice, it may be that on particularly large parts you have to keep the temperature higher. And in any case, always avoid keeping the high temperature for a long time as this can damage the welder’s head.

    Multi-pin components and non-lead solder

    For multi-pin components: For this type of component, it takes a lot of time to look at if you don't have the necessary soldering tips, here's a way to help you save more time with this type of component.

    So you have a preliminary understanding of non-lead solder components. So how to suck up old solder joints or have a bad solder joint that you want to remove from the PCB? Below there are some tips given.

    Soldering Tips and multi-pin components

    • Firstly, apply turpentine to the entire leg of the IC
    • Secondly, use a fairly large amount of tin (the size of a pea) for the first leg
    • Also, heat the soldering iron to melt the tin and move to the next pins until the last leg.
    • The legs that still touch each other can add turpentine and continue until the end.
    • Finally, during the process, you can add or remove tin to beautify the solder joint.

    Non-lead solder 2021

    Three Sucking lead solder out of the circuit

    With the help of a lead straw, with only a few tens of thousands of tools, you can easily remove components. You can remove old solder joints or remove joints. solder bad out of the circuit. And get a pure non-lead solder.

    Another way is to use non-lead solder stations that integrate Solomon's lead sucking ability, everything is easier with high durability, stable working ability, of course, it is neater than having to buy. so many devices

    Steps for lead suction

    • Firstly, use a soldering iron to heat the old solder joint.
    • Secondly, the non-lead solder will melt.
    • After that when the solder is melted, spring up the lead suction pipe.
    • Then, bring the tip of the suction pipe close to the flowing solder.
    • Always go to the soldering iron because the tip of the pipe is heat-resistant.
    • Heat resistance can make you strong without fear of fire or damage to the straw.
    • Finally, press the button, and the solder joint has been removed from the circuit easily.

    Introducing some lines of quality tin soldering stations

    Of course, for the work to go quickly and without any inhibitions, we need non-lead solder. You need to buy yourself better quality equipment to ensure durable operation. Continuously for a long time

    There are too many product lines on the market with very cheap prices, the quality is not guaranteed, causing you to buy and use them for a few months. It is to make it easier to use as well as to bring you the best quality products.

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