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    A Complete Guide on SMT Reflow Oven 2021


    SMT Reflow Oven 2021
    For larger boards, the hot air blower can be applicable without the presence of SMT Reflow Oven 2021 directly over the terminal. However, depending on the size of the component and the proximity of other components that is close to the one for removal. Moreover, greater care must be there during the procedure.

    In order to unsolder the components, the blower needs to expel hot air at high temperatures for a certain period of time. This means that the longer the time the more heat we need to raise the target part to the reflux temperature. Moreover, this always increases the risk of damage.

    What will be the effect of temperature variation?

    Also, most solder components and reflow ovens have limits on how fast they can raise in temperature. If one area of ​​one chip or plate gets hotter much faster than the other, thermal expansion can deform plates or destroy filaments.

    It is because of this need that the hot reflow oven were developed, produced in resistant metal and reach high temperatures. Further, they have the outlet with reduced dimensions focusing the exhausted air only in a determined place.

    The models available to professionals are the most different. SMT Reflow Oven 2021 is for facilitating the heating of terminals and integrated circuits on an IC board. It helps to remove glues and adhesives, desoldering electronic components and drying parts. Discover all available models.

    Effects of Pre-heater or hotplate

    By raising the overall temperature of the circuit board quickly between 212º - 250ºF (100ºC to 121.1ºC) there can be a very high thermal shock. It will be the compromise of the components. It is necessary that the temperature increases gradually for the heat effects are as least harmful as possible.

    The pre-heater is an indispensable tool useful by professionals who carry out “Reflow” or “Reballing” processes on BGA chips. SMT Reflow Oven 2021 functions to pre-heat the Printed Circuit board. So that the solder's melting point can be reached more easily. Thus, it helps avoiding burning the chip or damaging the board.

    Can you run away without a pre-heater?

    Probably, but be aware that thermal damage can significantly reduce the lifespan of your card, and not simply make it unusable right away. Preheating is even more important for BGAs, as their thermal profiles are much more critical.

    The solder reflow oven is a pasty substance with an acidic behavior. Moreover, SMT Reflow Oven 2021 serves to eliminate the existing copper oxide layer on the object.

    Further, it facilitates the operator's service. The solder flux is produced using the same materials as the solder reflow oven, and the purpose of both are the same, to facilitate soldering.

    What are the applications of SMT Reflow Oven 2021?

    The application of solder reflow oven is one of the tin soldering processes in electronics in the surface assembly of components. Since SMT Reflow Oven 2021 is very efficient, directly affecting quality and productivity.

    Solder reflow oven is a homogeneous mixture of solder balls in a stabilized flux, with which certain specialized agents are added. Its main purpose is the intermetallic union of two metals or more.

    Solder Tin

    Tin for soldering or soldering wire is a compound made using tin and lead bases. There is a need to mix and prepare in different proportions.  When mixed with other elements such as those mentioned above, soldering tin is able to change its malleability and composition. Moreover, it has the ability to modify its own hardness.

    Soldering Tin for Electronic Soldering Processes

    Tin wire is essential for starting any soldering work on electronic components and SMT Reflow Oven 2021. During new product development or for simple maintenance, the proper care is important. In general, solder tin has a melting point between ~200°C and 300°C.

    SMT Reflow Oven 2021 china

    The main difference between the different types of Solder Tin is the wire thickness. It must be defined according to the technician's application needs.

    Non-essential reflow oven products that can make a difference

    Vacuum Tweezers: It is an easy-to-handle tool because you just press its pen-shaped body to create a vacuum. Before pressing, it is necessary to touch the tip of the tweezers on the chip. The vacuum formed will exert a suction force on the component in order to hold it.  So, it can remove and transport.

    Cleaning Brush: If you want to clean flux residues, use an Anti-Static Brush for cleaning printed circuit boards. The function of an unsightly brush is to remove dirt particles from a board. It ensures its protection by dissipating electrostatic charges.

    Solder Sucker: It is a powerful tool developed with the aim of precisely removing unwanted solder residues. Residue that is in printed circuit board components and SMT Reflow Oven 2021.

    Copper Mesh Soldering Iron Tip Cleaning Holder: An alternative to the sponge, it contains flux-coated soft metal curls. Further, it cleans the tip without thermally shocking you. This can help extend the life of the soldering iron tip.

    Vegetable Sponge: Cleaning the tip of the iron at all times is an advantage.  It helps to improve the application of tin, since the remains of old solder do not stick to the iron.

    Isopropyl alcohol dispenser: It is a dispenser with a pump that pulls a small amount of alcohol to the top of the dispenser. It keeps the rest of the evaporation.

    Third-hand Support: It is a multipurpose equipment because, in addition to being extremely useful for repairs to electronic equipment. Such as IC (Printed Circuits), Chips, Plates, Welding wires, it serves as a support tool for work with small objects. It requires better visualization and precision, such as micro welding.

    Conclusion SMT Reflow Oven 2021

    Now that you know exactly what you will need to carry out all you’re soldering, SMT Reflow Oven 2021 and de-soldering processes with tin. It's time to get your hands dirty and work with the ideal tools. It ensures greater professionalism and quality in your work.

    Are you already working in this area or are you just starting out and think we've forgotten something? Comment below your opinion and don't forget to share with us your experiences. They can help a lot who is going through the same situation as you.

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