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    Introduction to Analog Lead solder fumes Temperature Control System


    All about soldering irons and how to solder components

    Tin lead solders wire

    When it comes to lead solder fumes and soldering electronic components to PCBs, a soldering iron is an extremely effective device that professional repairmen cannot do without. This hand machine provides a high temperature to solder to melt and flow between workpieces.

    The tin soldering machine has a professional and optimized tin gauge to help keep the working area neater and avoid collisions that burn the user's hands during use. So what is a welding machine? How is it structured? Please refer to the following article

    What is a soldering iron?

    A tin soldering machine, also known as a soldering station, is an electronic tool common to solder components onto PCB circuits. This process produces lead solder fumes.

    A soldering iron machine has the ability to adjust the temperature by simply adjusting the knob; the soldering station makes it easier and more convenient to operate than conventional hand soldering irons.

    What will a tin soldering station include?

    Working with electronic components necessitates the use of soldering. The solder common to produce lead solder fumes must be cleaned. If you incorporate extra material, you may cautiously dispose of it with first-rate sandpaper after which dispose of it with compressed air spray.

    For producing lead solder fumes a small vice is also included, which, when properly positioned, holds the component to be soldered in place. In the next article, we will discuss different things included in a soldering station.

    Soldering iron and lead solder fumes

    Firstly a soldering iron is needed. It is a hand instrument that heats solder at high temperatures above the melting point of the metal alloy, usually from an electrical supply. The soldier will freely move between the workpiece because of the soldering iron.

    If you don't have a soldering iron, how can you weld it? To create lead solder fumes It creates a strong heated electrical joint around 600 degrees Fahrenheit which then cools to create a strong electric bond.


    Temperature adjustment knob and lead solder fumes

    On the tin, soldering machines are often equipped with additional knobs to help adjust the temperature up and down to suit different types of components, helping components not be damaged by contact with high temperatures.

    Usually, metals and alloys have a typical range of melting. Soft metals have a melting range of 90-450 degrees centigrade and alloys have a range of 180-190 degrees centigrade. So for joining metals and producing lead solder fumes temperature knobs must be common.

    Small Tray common in soldering

    A small tin meter brings many plus points for tin soldering machines, a small sunken area common to contain sponges during soldering. When using ordinary soldering irons, you will leave the foam under the table. This storage tray will help keep your desk clean and less cluttered.

    In producing lead solder fumes the tray is fitted on the iron stand holder. This holder stabilizes all the material places over it. It is sturdy and does not detach. We put a sponge and cleaning material in the tray that is fitted on the stand holder.

    Torch protection cover and lead solder fumes

    There is a problem in the process of lead solder fumes the components with ordinary soldering irons that people often encounter are that the hot torch touches the hand causing burns, the cause is that after soldering,

    They put the soldering iron on the table and accidentally touch it.

    Advantages and disadvantages of a soldering iron compared to a conventional soldering iron

      Advantages Defect
    Soldering machine Adjustable temperature
    Convenient design
    Safe to use
     Relatively high cost compared to soldering iron
    Soldering iron


    Low cost
    May cause burns if not noticed.
    A frame should be designed to hold the torch when not in use

    The difference between a soldering iron and a welding machine

    Ability to adjust the temperature: The welder machine has the ability to adjust the temperature. In producing lead solder fumes the torch usually has a fixed temperature depending on its capacity
    They both use different power sources. Such as the welding machine that directly common an AC 220V power supply. The lead soldering machine will turn AC voltage into DC which is safer to use.

    Introduction of some types of soldering machines

    1. Analog and Digital temperature controlled tin soldering machine

    1. Analog soldering iron: Also known as a soldering iron or lead solder fumes without a display. we cannot know exactly the temperature of the device because the temperature adjustment knobs are on the front machine. Therefore, this type of welding machine is cheap.
    2. Digital soldering iron: This is a fairly modern device, with a temperature display on the front you can easily know how many degrees the soldering iron is currently reaching. It gives better accuracy and of course, the price is also a bit higher than analog lines

    2. Tin soldering station with ESD and without ESD

    Talking about ESD, this is a phenomenon that causes quite a lot of harm in work related to electronics. Electrostatic discharge can cause serious damage to SMD components, semiconductors. Therefore, using an ESD coated tin solder plays an important role in your work.

    ESD soldering irons are almost a must on production lines in component assembly lines in factories or jobs related to phone repair because these devices possess circuit boards containing many SMD components that are inherently sensitive to electrostatic charges

    What brand of soldering iron should be common?

    Talking about the quality of lead solder fumes, surely we are not too unfamiliar with the Hakko brand in China. However, due to the popularity of this brand, the market appeared rampant plagiarism and imitation products of unknown origin, but the quality was also quite poor, not ensuring effective use.

    Therefore, in this article, I would like to introduce a brand from Taiwan that specializes in providing equipment related to welding components such as tin soldering machine, tin suction machine, torch machine, solder tip.

    Tin soldering Tip

    Tin solder tip is important as a consumable material in the process of soldering(lead solder fumes) components. Because this is the part that is heated on the soldering iron and is in direct contact with solder as well as components,

    The solder tip becomes the most vulnerable position. It often has to be replaced after a period of use if not. Carefully, make many mistakes when maintaining the torch High quality, diverse products, especially no fakes, it's worth trying.
    Lead solder fumes 2021

    Some tips to maintain the soldering iron

    To ensure the long-term use of cheap lead solder fumes, you should refer to the following tips to improve life, minimize the possibility of the soldering iron being oxidized causing the phenomenon of not sticking to solder.

    • Firstly It is important to tinned the soldering iron when using it for the first time or after using it
    • Secondly, avoid heating the tip of the torch above the allowable capacity
    • Also, turn off the torch after each session or after 3-5 minutes of non-use
    • Moreover, Cleaning the tip of the soldering iron
    • Certainly, use welding equipment and quality turpentine when using
    • Finally, use a good soldering iron

    Quality welding torch head imported from Taiwan

    Currently, we are providing quality lead solder fumes irons with chromium-plated tips to improve usability and reduce oxidation for a longer working time.*Note: Do not use the method of cleaning the tip of the soldering iron by sanding as this may cause damage to the product.

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