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    5 Most Popular lead free soldering Wires in 2021


    For the first time, holding two different packs of wires in your hands, it seems that they differ only in color. But in fact, there are a lot of differences between lead free soldering wires, and the marking of soldering wires allows you to recognize them. 

    A whole group of standards we see. Moreover, describing their composition, scope and recommended settings for the device.

    lead free soldering

    Understanding the decoding of numbers and letters on the packaging of electrodes, you can know what types of metals are easy to weld with them, for which spatial positions it is suitable and how strong the weld will be.

    Types of markings and what they reflect?

    Coated wires are designed for welding various types of metals. Depending on the country, one or more types of markings may be applied to the electrode pack. In the CIS, the designation is common according to GOST 9467-75 and the second type 10052-75. The European standard for marking is EN, and the international system uses the ISO designation.

    Marking of lead free soldering wires in accordance with GOST

    If you turn over the stack of electrodes, then on the reverse side you will notice two rows of numbers written above and below the long line. From left to right, they give an idea of lead free soldering:

    • type of consumable item;
    • brand;
    • diameter;
    • possibilities of use
    • the thickness of the coating for protection from external gases
    • the height of the workmanship
    • mechanical properties of the seam
    • type of coating
    • spatial position
    • polarity of the current

    What are the uses of welding wire?

    Welding wire is common in shielded gas welding with the following functions:

    First, it helps to form the weld through the addition of metal to the puddle.

    Second, in the welding process there is a strong degree of oxidation. Therefore, lead free soldering will add the main reducing and alloying agent content to the weld metal.

    Welding wire user manual

    In order to use the product correctly and bring high efficiency during use, you need:

    • Firstly before welding, you should fully prepare labor safety factors and check the stability of the power source.
    • Secondly, it is recommended to clean up dirt such as oil, rust for the items to solder.
    • Thirdly clean the welding edges, wire conduits, adjust the wire guides reasonably for the solder wire to be charged stably.
    • Fourthly, during the welding process, do not let the welding wire bend or tangle.
    • Fifthly, store the welding wire in a dry place, away from dust and moisture because when the welding wire is wet, the weld pits.
    • Lastly, determine the welding current and always maintain the amount of shielding gas according to the instructions.

    Some of the most popular types of welding wire today

    Here are some of the most commonly common welding wires for lead free soldering today that we share for your reference and choose the right type of wire for your needs:

    Why do we use MIG/MAG welding wires ER70S-6?

    MIG/MAG welding wire ER70S-6 comes by low Carbon content, high Manganese and Silicon content. Extremely small sulfur and phosphorus impurities create welds with high strength and toughness.

    lead free soldering 2021

    This type covers with a layer of pure copper plating, pulling the ball evenly.  Moreover, the wire solders by semi-automatic technology with CO2 shielding gas or a mixture of 80%Argon + 18%CO2 gas. Furthermore, it produces stable welds with little spatter, beautiful welds.

    MIG welding wire is suitable for welding carbon steel and medium alloy steel structures. Such as pressure tanks, pipelines, load-bearing steel structures. Civil structures, cars, boats... And it is easy to weld in all different positions.

    Why Automatic welding wire is better?

    SAW EL12 automatic welding wire is a low carbon, medium manganese and silicon welding wire for lead free soldering. Produces welds with good mechanical properties when common in combination with many different types of solder.

    This is a type of welding wire that welds with automatic technology; the arc submerges under the protective drug layer, creating a stable protective gas layer.

    SAW EL12 automatic welding wire is a widely common welding wire today. Suitable for welding structures such as pressure tanks, pipelines, load-bearing steel structures, civil structures, cars, ships...

    Why we prefer Potion core solder wire?

    The flux cored wire is a welding wire good for welding 490Mpa bearing steels with a quick cure system.

    A flux core wire, coated with titanium. Has an extremely good mechanical property, easy to clean up, smooth welding surface, less spatter.

    Core welding wire is suitable for use in the field of pressure tanks, pipelines, load-bearing steel structures, civil structures, cars, boats...

    Is air cored welding wire useful?

    Self-protected gas-cored solder wire is self-protected, easy to use in all different positions.

    Welding wire comes with suitable for single layer welding with:

    • outstanding efficiency
    • quiet arc
    • Similarly, low explosion
    • fast welding speed
    • and easy peeling slag
    • Moreover, suitable for maintenance
    • maintenance for industries
    • such as zinc mesh, farm implements
    • Furthermore, tanks and structural frames.

    Is Welding wire INOX Golden ER308L suitable for stainless steel?

    Golden INOX welding wire is suitable for welding austenitic stainless steel of all kinds such as E201, E302, E304; E305, E308, with good mechanical quality, high strength and toughness, increased wear resistance.

    Good welding wire can be common to lead free soldering weld different types of 300 irons. Similarly, the wire contains a low carbon component, which helps to prevent corrosion and rust.

    It is a type of welding wire that solders by semi-automatic technology with 100% Argon shielding gas to create a stable weld with little spatter. Welding wire is common in the food, oil and gas industries, paper production and some construction and stainless steel materials manufacturing industries.

    We provide quality welding wire

    After learning about welding wire types, you will surely want to find yourself a reputable, quality and affordable welding wire address, right? Currently, on the market, there are many addresses that provide welding wires. However, we are a reliable address for you to choose products.

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