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    Lead free solder Wire Company: How to choose best solder wire?


    Lead free solder Wire Company
    Lead soldering iron is a commonly found device when repairing electrical and electronic machinery and components. We not only see it in electrical repair shops but also easily found in the family common to repair household appliances. We can get from lead free solder Wire Company.

    What is a lead soldering iron?

    Lead soldering iron (thermal soldering iron) is a heating device that melts solder to make connections on printed circuit boards or to connect metal parts with solder. Speaking of soldering irons, I would also like to introduce some types of soldering irons that are commonly common today (but not all of them are common to solder components).
    Three common types of soldering irons can be mentioned such as: heat welding torch, pulse welding torch, gas welding torch
    Metal in welding heat
    Pulse soldering iron
    Gas soldering iron
    Electricity repair
    Electricity repair
    Metal welding

    Use spring wire to heat up the soldering iron

    Use the short circuit between the two ends of the soldering iron and the solder lead to create a solder joint BY lead free solder wire company. Moreover, use a mixture of acetylene gas (light earth) to heat the contact between the two pieces of metal until it melts and dissolves into each other.
    Of the three types of welding torches above, the heat welding torch is the most common type of equipment. Thanks to its low cost, easy purchase in many places, simple and compact method of use. Furthermore, in this article I will show you how to use a hot soldering iron to create a complete weld.

    Instructions for using a soldering iron for soldering a circuit

    In a soldering process, there are three indispensable elements, so make sure these factors are complete before starting the soldering process.

    1. Welding torch

    Of course, to perform welding, a soldering iron is an indispensable device by lead free solder wire company. Currently on the market there are many different types of soldering irons, one parameter that we should keep in mind when buying a soldering iron is the power. Similarly, the higher the power of the lead solder, the higher the temperature generated.
    The most common power level of the welding torch is 40W, why is that?
    At 45xUdHPiFHQ7xbKh19G45saF1raB2ot5pag8p1Hnk4yrfXRJZskr8TMbFpVfC5tDk8eQQg63TqkW9gKhwagx6HePTaK2yXbpower quickly causes surface oxidation. Excessive heat due to high power can burn turpentine, clinging to the burnt layer on the surface. Solder joints reduce aesthetics.

    2. Resin

    Resin is an indispensable material in lead soldering through lead free solder wire company, it helps to create a suitable coating on the surface to help prevent oxidation to increase the life of the solder, in addition, it also helps each solder has better adhesion.

    3. Tin solder - solder lead

    The process of soldering lead is of course an indispensable material, but because the fumes of solder lead are often toxic to health, now manufacturers often add tin to the composition to reduce hazardous to health (usually lead 40% and tin 60%), as well as a partial reduction in melting temperature for faster heating (usually melting at 60 - 80°C). Currently, there are two types of solder on the market.

    4. Solder tip

    The solder tip is a consumable material you should be concerned about if this is your first time using a lead soldering iron. According to lead free solder wire company, after a period of use, the solder tip will oxidize, lead to rust and not stick to lead, so it needs to be replaced. Therefore, the soldering iron is also one of the consumable devices that need to be replaced over time, so do not choose too cheap soldering irons that will quickly oxidize.

    The most detailed guide to soldering components

    Step 1: In any case, before making any type of component or soldering, it is necessary to clean the circuit board and component legs. A dusty welding surface will reduce adhesion, reduce weld quality or lose aesthetics. The simplest way to clean is to use circuit board cleaner by lead free solder wire company.
    Step 2: Cut the leg of the component so that when plugged into the circuit, the foot rises from the surface of the circuit to the component about 1mm.

    Faulty Solder Suction Guide
    Lead free solder Wire Company 2021

    To suck up faulty solder joints you need a device called a soldering iron or a soldering iron. Steps for lead suction: Use a soldering iron to heat up the old solder joint. When the solder is melted, spring up the lead suction pipe. Bring the tip of the suction pipe close to the flowing solder.

    Always go to the soldering iron by lead free solder wire company because the tip of the pipe is heat-resistant, so you just have to be strong without fear of fire or damage to the straw) press the button and the solder joint has been removed from the circuit.

    How we can restore tin capture to the soldering iron?

    Here are the steps to restore tin capture to the soldering iron
    Step 1: Use fine sandpaper to remove the blackened oxidized part around the soldering iron. Depending on the dirtiness, you can choose different types of grit paper here I use 600 grit sandpaper. Fix the sandpaper on a flat surface for more even hand grinding

    Step 2: Conduct tin plating for the torch

    According to lead free solder wire company, use clamps to fix the soldering iron easily. Wrap solder around the tip that has just been sharpened in the above step, use pliers to roll the tin tightly. Note do not let your hands touch the tip of the soldering iron that has just been sharpened; sweat from the hands can stain the cleaned surface and cause solder.


    Finally there is the most important step for any company. It is buying solder wire from a famous company. It will help you to maximize your components performance.

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