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    Lead-free Solder china: Major Soldering tools and process


    Making a quality weld is not so difficult. But there are some procedures that must be good to consider ensuring perfection. For this, here are some lead-free Solder china tips. And with a little practice, you will be able to make solders of good quality and safety for your electronic projects.

    Lead-free Solder china

    What is soldering?

    Before I learn to weld, I will explain a little about what solder is and what types of solder exist. Welding is easy to use either as a name where it refers to the material used to weld that normally exists in thin wire rolls or in tubes. Moreover, it can also be good as a verb that means to join two pieces of metal.

    Lead-free Solder china

    One of the things you should know is that the traditional solder is mostly come of lead (Pb) and tin (Sn) and other traces of metals. As it appeared, lead is malignant for humans. And it can cause lead poisoning if exposed to large quantities. Unfortunately, lead is very useful.

    Soldering irons

    There are many tools to help us solder, but none are as important as the soldering iron. The lead-free Solder china iron can exist in various shapes, powers and sizes from the simplest to the most complex. But in the end it will give the same thing. Now I will explain to you the various parts and differences in the soldering iron.

    Anatomy of soldering iron

    These are the basic parts of the soldering iron.

    The tip is the part of the iron that heats up and allows the solder to melt between the two components that are going to be joined. Although the solder clings to the tip when applied, it does not transfer solder but only heat.

    It increases the temperature of the metal components to their melting point. Some soldering irons offer an option to change the tip if you need to change the thickness or shape. The tips come in various sizes and shapes according to the work required.


    The fist is the part of the iron that holds the spout. It is also the part that is held by the user. And it usually comes of various insulating materials such as lead-free Solder china rubber. It is to prevent heat from the tip being transferred out of the handle. It also contains inside the various wires and metallic contacts that transfer the heat from the base to the tip.

    Lead-free Solder china composition


    The solder comes primarily of tin (Sn) and  lead (Pb) and also with some other metals to provide the desired characteristics. However, it has been discovered that lead is a harmful metal to humans and can even lead to poisoning.

    With this, some countries decided to prohibit the use of lead in the composition of the solder. In this way, lead-free Solder china emerged and it became the standard in the manufacture of electronic equipment.

    Major Welding tools

    Soldering Station

    The SE-950 Soldering Station is the ideal product for those seeking quality, practicality and agility near their workbench. With this station you will be able to carry out your repairs in a functional way. it significantly increases precision and agility. Moreover, leaving your work with a better quality and also guaranteeing the safety of your operation.

    If possible, preferably for a welding station with variable temperature. The soldering stations ensure that your soldering iron works at the correct temperature and that it stays constant. Moreover, it makes work easier and a better final result.

    Usually some accessories include assisting in the use of the soldering iron, for example, a support for the soldering iron and a sponge to clean the tip of the soldering iron.

    For demonstration purposes, I opted for a station with analog temperature control.

    Lead-free Solder china Soldering Iron

    You can also choose a good soldering iron of 34W of power, from reliable and recognized lead-free Solder china. Pay attention to buy the soldering iron with the correct voltage for your region, which may be 110V or 220V. This iron will normally be sufficient for most electronic projects.

    Welding suction

    The solder sucker is a piece of equipment that should not be missing from your bench. It is designed to remove solder easily and allow you to do quality work. To use it, simply arm the suction by pressing the plunger all the way down, place the silicone tip on the solder that you want to remove. And then press the button that releases the plunger and sucks the weld.

    The importance of cleaning the soldering iron tip

    Maintaining cleanliness at the tip of the soldering iron will ensure better thermal conduction and, consequently, better solders. You should clean the tip of your soldering iron whenever you notice that it is getting dark due to accumulation of residue and oxidation. For this, lead-free Solder china use steel sponges or others that are specific for cleaning soldering irons.

    Metallic Sponge with Stand

    After cleaning the tip of the soldering iron on the steel sponge, you can wipe it over a damp sponge to aid cleaning.

    Vegetable Cleaning Sponge

    It is not recommended to use materials that generate a lot of friction, such as sandpaper, as they can quickly wear out the tip of your soldering iron. Removing the nickel layer from the tip of the soldering iron will shorten its life.

    Lead-free Solder china 2021

    Starting the lead-free Solder process

    Time to put everything into practice:

    Start with a good cleaning of the region where the weld will be applied.

    • Let the soldering iron heat up and reach the temperature necessary to melt the solder. You can see if the temperature is correct by trying to melt some solder at the tip of the iron.
    • Put a little solder on the tip of the soldering iron. This will help in the welding process. Avoid leaving too much solder on the tip of the iron, as it can form a drop and it will fall into your circuit causing shorts and disrupting your work.
    • Now just touch the soldering iron to the region that will receive the solder. And let it transmit heat to heat the place. Then apply the solder over the region and it will melt. Apply the solder and let it flow until you realize you have put in enough solder, then stop.
    • Wait a few seconds for the weld to solidify and secure the components.

    This is a very common lead-free Solder china practice.


    Be careful not to put too much solder and cause short circuits. If you find that you have added too much solder, remove the solder with a sucker and do it all over again.

    Take care, as some components can take damage if they get too hot during the welding process. To prevent this from happening try to weld quickly. In this way, the component does not receive too much heat from the soldering iron.

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