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    Why lead free rosin core solder is in high demand?


    The demand for lead free rosin core solder is increasing day by day. Especially construction projects, companies, mechanical factories. Due to the nature of the work, it is very necessary for many people to want to learn about the structure, principles and uses of a core solder.

    lead free rosin core solder

    To answer the question of what is a Core solder for customers, let's learn about Core solder manual with us.

    Learn the basics of lead free rosin core solder?

    Rosin core solder is an electronic soldering that uses metal arc soldering in a protective gas environment (Argon or Helium) where the main electrode is a molten soldering wire that is automatically fed to the weld, specially added. Wire feeder so that together with the molten metal crystallizes to form a weld.

    Lead free rosin core solder uses metal arc soldering method in a shielded gas environment, the main electrode is a molten soldering wire, which is automatically supplied to the weld; the medium is Argon or CO2 inert gas depending on the type of material.

    That need to weld that the welder chooses will use gas to protect the soldering when choosing the material to be welded, the soldering machine.

    Rosin soldering machine is widely common

    Core solders are divided into 2 types: electronic Core solders and mechanical Core solders. Both types of machines basically have common features.

    Currently, lead free rosin core solder is common quite commonly in the production of furniture, car frames, motorcycles, other mechanical goods, etc. In addition, the Core solder also has the ability to automate and can be common in robotic soldering and automatic soldering equipment.

    Structure of the Rosin soldering machine

    Usually, the structure of a Core solder includes the main components that are: soldering source, soldering wire, shielding gas, soldering torch, rectifier, soldering wire transfer device.


    In the structure of the Core solder, the most important components are the soldering torch, which performs functions such as supplying current to the soldering wire through the contact tube, the shielding gas through the nozzle and a cooling system for soldering gun when necessary.

    Construction of Core solder

    Next is the wire feeder which has a steady speed at a certain value. Depending on the type of soldering wire, a two-roller (2-rolls) wire feeder or a four-roll (4-roll) wire feeder can be common. The wire feeder can be built-in to the lead free rosin core solder power source or be separate. It has the main function of maintaining the automatic combustion of the arc soldering after priming.

    Moreover, the type of shielding gas that the Rosin welder uses. It can be an inert gas or mixture.

    Indispensable components and accessories of the structure of the Rosin welder

    1. Soldering wire

    Soldering wire is responsible for conducting electric current to the arc. Under the action of the arc and the different shielding gases are common. The lead free rosin core solder parameters the molten metal in the soldering bath changes in composition.

    1. Shielding gas common in Rosin soldering

    Activated gass (CO2): CO2 gas is widely common to weld medium carbon steel, with the advantages of stable weld, high soldering speed and deep penetration. The solder points in the CO2 shielding gas cause thin metal spatter.

    Inert gas (Ar, He): Pure Argon (Ar) gas usually uses non-ferrous materials or white steel. Pure helium (He) is common for materials with high thermal expansion such as AI, Mg, Cu...

    1. 3. Shielding gas common in rosin soldering

    Mixing gas: (Mixing gas: CO2, Ar + CO2, Ar + O2 + CO2) is a combination of shielding gases, the mixing gas creates good quality welds when soldering lead free rosin core solder low carbon steel materials. However, the cost of this gas is quite high.

    1. Soldering rectifier

    Generally, soldering rectifiers are responsible for converting direct current into alternating current.

    1. Soldering wire transfer device

    The lead free rosin core solder transfer device pulls the solder wire from the coil and transfers it steadily into the conduit device for transfer to the soldering nozzle.

    The wire transfer speed can be adjusted in the range from 1-18m/min. It is possible to keep this speed constant throughout the soldering process.

    1. Soldering iron

    The structure of the Rosin soldering torch includes: (1) Soldering body, (2) nozzle, (3) soldering tip, (4) gas hood connection pipe, (5) gas hood.

    Tools in Rosin Soldering

    Depending on each soldering machine, the wire feeder will be placed in the machine.

    But all the principles of the lead free rosin core solder are still common in common, which is to use a soldering gun to weld together with the molten metal to solidify to create a weld.

    The great uses of the Rosin

    Regardless of any part in the machinery equipment, the skeleton of the construction, or the materials in the mechanical workshops, etc.. Metallic materials are considered to be common in everyday life.

    Furthermore, they are indispensable in industry, machine building, construction... When it is necessary to pair those materials to create a homogeneous, complete product, for value in use, the Core solder is the choice.
    lead free rosin core solder 2021

    Optimal for the job for you.

    They meet all the needs of stainless steel soldering, metal soldering, especially non-ferrous metals in industry and construction. With the use of lead free rosin core solder, they will create finished products.

    Moreover, core solders usually use very little energy in the soldering process, so they do not have much impact, so heat distortion is very little.

    Uses of lead free rosin core solder

    Core solder with great use is popularly common

    Most types of metal can perform welds. At the same time, the welds made by this machine can complete long welds without any interruptions.  The Rosin series also easily automat, creating high productivity, great efficiency. It saves maximum costs, and the cost is lower than many other soldering machines.

    In addition to the uses of Core solders, lead free rosin core solder are also widely common because their universal features are easy to operate and also make it possible for inexperienced people to operate without requiring too much technical skills.

    Summary lead free rosin core solder

    Further, when using a Core solder, it is recommended to choose it for mechanical workshops to avoid the effects of air currents in the environment. This affects the welds without giving accurate results.

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