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    Which is the best high lead solder wire I should buy?


    What type of high lead solder wire should I buy?

    You are in need of buying a high lead solder wire but do not know which type to buy, so which type of lead soldering wire is good, you should buy our lead soldering wire. You are in need of buying a lead soldering wire. Should you buy a lead soldering wire of any brand, let's find out.

    high lead solder

    In the process of learning about rod soldering wires, wire soldering wires, mig soldering wires, cutting wires, CNCs, 3 in 1 soldering lines. In addition, professional companies also offer soldering wire rental and wire repair services. You can immediately contact the hotline for advice on the best and most suitable high lead solder as well as our promotions!

    What type of high lead solder is best for soldering stainless steel?

    Stick soldering wires, Wire soldering wires or MIG / MAG soldering wires are all soldering wires. Moreover, these are capable of soldering stainless steel. However, to be able to choose to buy a good lead soldering wire, buyers need to grasp the needs of using their equipment.

    They rely on those factors to choose for themselves good equipment.

    If you use to weld stainless steel with a thickness of more than 2 cups, you can buy a lead solder, because if you weld 2 cups and use a wire soldering wire to weld, the speed is very slow, in addition, the wire soldering method is also very is difficult to weld, plus the slow speed will prolong the working time very long. However, when soldering with a high lead solder wire, the weld is extremely beautiful.

    Use of soldering wire ZX7 250A QT

    And your job is mainly soldering products such as stainless steel tables and chairs, but soldering tables, but stainless steel has a thickness of 3 dem to 5 dem, you must buy wire soldering to weld because wire soldering thin stainless steel will puncture immediately.


    According to the sharing of longtime workers in the profession, if your product is lead soldering but needs beautiful welds, high aesthetics, but especially lead soldering with super thin thickness, you should choose a high lead solder with a high capacity. About 200A is suitable.

    Why wire soldering is better than others?

    Wire soldering can weld thin stainless steel because wire soldering does not burn the soldering electrode like rod soldering or mig soldering. Stick soldering, when operating, must burn 2.5 mm soldering rod, while mig soldering must burn 0.8 mm soldering coil.

    As for tig soldering, just squeeze the gun column. It will create a primer arc. Moreover, you just need to put the compensation rod and solder in the places that need to solder.

    What are the best-selling brands of lead soldering wires?

    Soldering wire brand is very important, usually reputable brands all equipment have clear origin, have product quality inspection, goods are manufactured according to company standards, certified.

    You should not buy a high lead solder wire without clear origin. These widely sold products of unknown origin will not have anyone check the product quality, so it is difficult to know if it is good or not? Even though its price is very cheap compared to genuine products, but it is important to buy it and solder it?

    What are the important high lead solder manufacturing wires?

    If you are wondering which type of lead soldering wire is good, please refer to some reputable high lead solder brands below.

    Merkel soldering wire

    Generally, Merkel soldering wire is a famous brand with many years of experience in the field of manufacturing and distributing soldering wires. Merkel specializes in providing electronic soldering wires, nailing wires, plasma cutting wires, CNC cutting systems, automatic,

    Merkel is constantly researching, improving and improving product, quality to meet the increasing requirements of customers. Currently, Merkel's soldering wires are always appreciated for their quality, durability, accuracy in machining and ability to save electricity.

    Wire soldering wire

    What are the main advantages?

    Compared with high lead solder in the same price range, Merkel will have the following outstanding advantages:

    • Compact, durable design fully meets the job requirements; the components on the wire are all common the best type.
    • Solid handle design, light weight, easy to move the wire while working and easy to clean and store the wire
    • All soldering wires meet ISO quality standards for electrical safety, have anti-shock mode. Moreover, they have and have protection for overload, overheating and unstable power supply.
    • Most soldering wires come according to the latest energy-saving technology (Inverter). At the same time, the wire works very smoothly without making any noise.
    • The wire comes with a display that displays the soldering current as well as adjustment knobs to make it easier for users to use the wire.

    Generally, the wire has high precision machining. Moreover, the wire can weld on many types of soldering materials such as: stainless steel, iron, for beautiful welds with high penetration.

    High applicability: The wire is high lead solder in many fields such as:

    • soldering iron doors
    • stainless steel
    • soldering household appliances
    • industry, mechanical and construction industries
      high lead solder 2021

    QT soldering wire

    QT soldering wire is a famous brand of soldering wire from China. Moreover, QT is a high-tech company specializing in:

    • Researching
    • manufacturing and selling soldering wires
    • automatic soldering equipment
    • plasma cutting wires, etc. with advanced production technology

    TIG 300A QT Soldering Wire

    Our soldering wire is highly appreciated by consumers for its quality and product design and this is the best-selling soldering wire brand today. Up to this point, Qt has more than 60 national patents. The wire has conquered and is present in more than 50 countries and regions, including many countries in Europe and America.

    The price of high lead solder on the market today varies. This ranges from $50 and more, is the most popular type that is popular and trusted by many people.

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