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    What is the principle of operation and application of solder wire lead free?


    If you have to perform works on short rations, the perfect solution would be the purchase of such devices, such as solder wire. Before you buy a solder wire lead free, find out what it is common for, how to choose and use it correctly in this article.

    Principle of operation and purpose of solder wire lead free

    The soldering pot is a useful device that is indispensable for short-term soldering jobs that require constant temperature control. Its basis is a combination of a small bath made of heat-resistant material and an electric heating element.

    The principle of operation of the device is simple. The heater heats the bath to a temperature higher than that at which the solder melts and maintains it for a long time.

    solder wire lead free

    The solder wire lead free placed in the bath, thus, remains in a liquid state for a long time. Further, the nuances and subtleties begin, which will be discussed in this article. And this is not an exhaustive list: the baths can be common for other soldering work in which it is necessary to maintain a stable temperature regime.

    What is immersion method of solder wire lead free?

    The immersion method is very popular. We can understand it precisely by soldering pots. The parts come against each other. After this, they cover the place of the future soldering with a flux.

    Making a choice

    Today manufacturers offer many models of soldering pots for tinning and other work, and the layman can get confused in this variety. To make the right solder wire lead free, consider your needs and pay attention to the main features of the baths.

    Volume of solder wire lead free

    Manufacturers offer miniature soldering pots. They are great for applying solder to the ends of small diameter wires and working with small electronic parts. An important plus of such compact bathtubs is that they take up a minimum of space on the desktop. Models of baths with increased volume are on sale. They are often called crucibles.

    A large volume of solder is easy to melt in them. One of these soldering pots is worth buying if you have to deal with large parts or handle large solder wire lead free. Imagine how much space the device will take up on your desk and decide if it is right for you.

    Solder wire lead free Working tank material

    The most widespread are solder wires with steel tanks. The reason for this was there, perhaps, the only advantage - low prices.

    They also have disadvantages - solder accumulates on the surface of their tanks, they quickly become dirty and serve a relatively short time. Models with ceramic tanks are gaining popularity.

    Functionality and convenience

    Pay attention to such features of baths as:

    • The presence of a thermometer, temperature indicator and thermostat
    • Similarly, if they are, you can accurately set the required operating temperature
    • Moreover, this will allow you to work with different brands of solder wire lead freeand prevent overheating of electronic components
    • Please note that the temperature on the indicator comes in degrees Celsius, not Fahrenheit;

    Types of removable tips for soldering irons

    Due to the fact that the heater heats the tip from the inside, the efficiency of the soldering iron is much higher than that of its analog with a chrome spiral.

    The latter equally well heats both the solder wire lead free inside it and the case with air, so the efficiency of a soldering iron with a chrome heater is very low. The removable tip is easy to install - put it on the heater, cover it with a cylindrical holder with a screw nut on top. The change is performed in a few seconds, which is convenient when performing heterogeneous operations.


    There are quite a few types of soldering tips, as each soldering iron manufacturer offers a different set. Next, let's look at the most common options.

    Sting "cone"

    It is considered universal; therefore it is included in the basic configuration of most devices. In the working part, it is a cone several centimeters long with a rounded hemisphere at the end. With such a sting, it is really possible to perform several different soldering operations - if there are few of them and the soldered bodies solder wire lead free, legs; tires are not very small compared to the tip diameter.

    solder wire lead free 2021

    The disadvantage of this part is that the molten solder does not tend to be uniformly distributed over the spherical and conical surfaces. Therefore, when soldering, you have to twist the soldering iron along the axis, choosing a point with a sufficient amount of solder. It is not comfortable. It is also inconvenient for them to solder small components, commensurate with the size of the spherical tip itself.

    Needle sting

    The sting resembles a "cone" in shape, only with significantly reduced diameters of both the wide and narrow parts of the cone. It is intended for the smallest soldering with solder wire lead free. Sometimes this type of tip is optimal for working with very tight assemblies. The downside is low productivity. Due to the low mass, the heat capacity of such a tip is small.

    Wedge sting with solder wire lead free

    The second name is "screwdriver". Its shape is close to the "cone", but on the narrow part there are two planes, like screwdrivers. They converge at the tip of the tip to form a flat slot. These planes significantly alter the distribution and retention of the solder.


    So, consider the volume of the soldering pot, the material from which the working tank comes, and the functionality of the device, match this to your needs, and you will easily find the right model.

    Pay special attention to devices with a long lifespan, and your purchase will serve you well for many years. We wish you a pleasant and productive work with your new solder wire!

    With such a sting, it is convenient to perform both soldering of various elements and their dismantling. A sufficiently large heat capacity of solder wire lead free allows the production of several rations in the line at once.

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